Kidney Transplant Travel Insurance

Finding travel insurance that suits you and your budget can be difficult if you have had a kidney transplant. At Fish, we have over 40 years’ experience helping people find a policy that meets their individual needs. We can take care of everything for you, too.

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Travel Insurance following a kidney transplant


  • Tell your insurer about any pre-existing medical conditions to make sure you’re fully covered
  • Consider covering everyone travelling in your party in case you have to cancel
  • Take a copy of your travel insurance documents with you

If you have had a kidney transplant, getting travel insurance may be proving a little more problematic. As a specialist provider of insurance, Fish has decades of experience in dealing with people who have pre-existing medical conditions and can work with you to ensure you get the right level of cover for your needs. Our insurance offers:

  • Single and annual multi-trip cover
  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Covers emergency replacement of prescription medicines

What is a kidney transplant?

A kidney transplant involves the replacement of a failed kidney with a healthy one from a donor following end-stage chronic kidney disease. Whilst kidney disease may be often be treated by dialysis (a blood filtering procedure) this is time-consuming and requires ongoing care and transplantation is usually the preferred medical option. Please click here to read more about chronic kidney disease.

Do I need to declare I have had a kidney transplant as a pre-existing medical condition when buying travel insurance?

Yes, because it indicates you have had chronic kidney disease, a pre existing health condition which you are required by insurers to declare. Should you not declare this then it is possible that should you need make a claim on your travel insurance your insurer may refuse it. Such a scenario would leave you liable for the cost of any emergency medical treatments you may need and others costs that you might otherwise have expected your insurer to settle.

Will having had a kidney transplant prevent me from getting travel insurance?

Assuming you have been cleared by your doctor to travel (it is often recommended not to do so within a year of transplant) then there is no reason why you cannot get travel insurance. However, it is possible that an insurer will take your medical history into account and charge you a higher premium or impose particular restrictions on your cover. A specialist broker like Fish will be able to help you find appropriate travel insurance at a competitive price.

Information and support for people who have had a kidney transplant

If you have had chronic kidney disease, nephritis or a renal tract infection then you may already be aware that Kidney Research UK’s website is an excellent resource. This includes free literature on how to look after your kidneys, a kidney care cookbook and the role your kidneys play in maintaining health. You can also read more on why people need and who can have kidney transplants as well as what is involved on the NHS website.

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We take care of everything

For over 40 years, we’ve been helping people travel around the world without worry. Our team of experts will help find the cover you need at a price you’re comfy with.
So if you have a disability or pre-existing condition and are planning your next break, all you have to do is decide where to visit first.

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Key benefits at a glance

  • No age limit*
  • Single and annual multi-trip cover
  • Alternative accommodation cover
  • Cruise cover
  • Friendly UK-based claims service and specialist medical assistance
  • Covers emergency replacement of prescription medicines
  • Provides cover for a replacement carer
  • Covers a wide range of pre-existing medical conditions
  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Protects mobility and disability equipment, providing replacement equipment in the event of a loss

*Applies to Fish Plus One and Fish Plus Two policies only

And we don’t stop there…

We’ve answered some of the questions you may have about our Travel Insurance.

  • QWill I be unable to get travel insurance if I've had a kidney transplant? AHaving a kidney transplant shouldn't stop you from getting travel insurance. The quote you will receive depends on any medication you're taking, and other conditions you may have.
  • QCan I get travel insurance after a kidney transplant? AYes, having a kidney transplant should not stop you being able to get travel insurance. The quote you will receive depends on any medication you're taking or other conditions you may have.
  • QDo I need to declare a kidney transplant as a pre-existing medical condition? AYes. It's always best to declare any conditions you've been diagnosed with when applying for travel insurance, including kidney transplant. This ensures any medication you may be taking will be covered, as well as any treatment for your kidney transplant you need to seek while you're away.
  • QWill travel insurance cover medication for a kidney transplant? AYes. Travel Insurance from Fish covers the emergency replacement of prescription medications including those required for a kidney transplant.
  • QCan I be exposed to the sun if I have had a kidney transplant? ATransplant patients are more likely than other people to get skin cancers after a transplant. This is because of the immuno-suppressant drugs you may need to take after a transplant. This means if you've had a transplant, it's very important to ensure you stay safe in the sun by wearing a high factor sun cream, covering up with suitable clothing, and avoiding the sun at the hottest time of day. It's always advisable to speak to your GP to ensure you are informed about how to stay sun safe on holiday.

Travel Policy Documents

See all of our Disability and Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Travel Insurance policy documents here.

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