Asthma Travel Insurance

Finding travel insurance that suits you and your budget can be difficult if you’re one of the 5.4 million people in the UK who suffer with asthma. Whether you’re getting away to explore, embark on an adventure or just relax in the sunshine, planning a holiday should be carefree. Here at Fish, we’re proud to be working with travel experts Ancile Insurance to help you find the right cover for your trip. Travel Insurance from Ancile ensures you’re covered for everything you need, while you get on with planning your adventure.

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Asthma Travel Insurance


  • Tell your insurer about any pre-existing medical conditions to make sure you’re fully covered
  • Consider covering everyone travelling in your party in case you have to cancel
  • Take a copy of your travel insurance documents with you

With around 1 in 12 adults and 1 in 11 children being sufferers, asthma affects the lives of around 5.4m people in the UK. If you’ve got this condition yourself, you may be finding it difficult to source cheap travel insurance, don’t worry though, as specialist insurers like Ancile can provide the solution you’re looking for. Our insurance offers:

  • Cover for single trips up to 94 days
  • 24-hour medical emergency support
  • Covers emergency replacement of prescription medicines

As a specialist broker serving people with pre-existing health conditions, Ancile Insurance can source European and worldwide travel insurance for asthma sufferers.

What is asthma?

Asthma is a chronic condition which affects the airways, causing discomfort and breathing difficulties. Symptoms, which are often felt worse at night or in the early morning, include breathlessness, wheezing and a tightening of the chest which can increase in severity either gradually or suddenly to cause an “asthma attack”. It is also associated with allergic conditions like hayfever and eczema. Standard treatments include reliever and preventer inhalers which may in some cases be complemented by oral steroids, muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories. It is important to take prescription medicines with you when travelling and advisable to keep these in your hand luggage so they are to hand and do not risk loss or damage when deposited in the hold.

Do I need to declare asthma as a pre-existing medical condition when buying travel insurance?

Yes. If you fail to declare that you have asthma when taking out your travel insurance then should you suffer an attack that requires medical attention and/or affects your travel arrangements then your insurer may refuse to settle your claim. This could leave you liable for potentially costly medical bills, alternative transport and accommodation arrangements and, in worst case scenarios, repatriation to the UK. It is therefore vital that you declare to your insurer if you have asthma or any other pre-existing health conditions.

Will having asthma prevent me from getting travel insurance?

Having asthma shouldn’t prevent you from getting travel insurance. You’ll find Ancile can offer great value travel insurance to people with asthma and other health issues. Ancile provide a specialist service to those who have pre-existing medical conditions, offering single trip and annual policies to people of all ages, including travel insurance for over 65s.

Information and support for people with asthma

The NHS website is an excellent resource, providing information on the symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment of asthma. The charity Asthma UK also offers extensive practical advice.

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We take care of everything

Here at Fish Insurance, we’re proud to be working with travel experts Ancile Insurance to provide you with cover for your next trip. Ancile’s team of experts will help find the cover you need at a price you’re comfy with. So if you’re planning your next break, all you have to do is decide where to visit first.

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Key benefits of Ancile's cover

  • No age limits
  • Cover for single trips up to 94 days
  • Three levels of cover available
  • 24-hour medical emergency support
  • Medical expenses up to £10 million
  • Loss of medication up to £300
  • Cancellation up to £5,000*
  • Personal property up to £3,000*
  • Scheduled Airline Failure (insolvency cover) included
  • Travel Dispute Cover available

*Platinum policies only

And we don’t stop there…

We’ve answered some of the questions you may have about Travel Insurance.

  • QDo I need to declare asthma as a pre-existing medical condition? AYes. It's always best to declare any conditions you've been diagnosed with when applying for travel insurance, including asthma. This ensures any medication you may be taking will be covered, as well as any treatment for your asthma you need to seek while you're away.
  • QWill asthma increase my travel insurance cost? ANot necessarily. The price of travel insurance depends on factors like age, the severity of any medical conditions you may have, and any treatments you are seeking.
  • QWill travel insurance cover medication for asthma? AYes, travel insurance from Ancile covers the emergency replacement of prescription medications, including those prescribed for asthma.
  • QIs air travel possible with asthma? AYes, most people with asthma are fine to travel by air. However, the reduced air pressure in the cabin of the aeroplane can cause issues for some asthma sufferers. We'd always suggest speaking to your GP or asthma nurse before flying to see if you’re safe to travel. Your GP or asthma nurse may need you to do a ‘fitness to fly assessment’ or may refer you for a 'hypoxic challenge' test to see how you'd cope with the conditions in an aeroplane.
  • QCan I just use my European Health Insurance Card for asthma? AIf you're travelling to Europe, medical treatment equivalent to what's given to those resident in the country you're travelling to is covered. It's always advisable to declare any pre-existing medical conditions, including asthma, on your travel insurance policy too. This means the emergency replacement of any prescription medications you may have is covered as well as cancellation for reasons relating to your asthma.

Travel Policy Documents

See all of Ancile’s Travel Insurance policy documents by clicking below. For documents relating to Fish Insurance policies taken out on or before 28th February 2019, click here.

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