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Our Home Contents Insurance covers both standard homes and those with adaptations to make life at home easier and more comfortable. Further details are provided below.

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Why choose this cover

  • Standard contents cover, plus cover for a variety of disability aids
  • Protection for manual wheelchairs and disability aids. (Mobility Scooters and Powered Wheelchairs require their own separate cover)
  • Cover for oxygen maintained in the home
  • Reimbursement of food delivery costs up to £250 if your wheelchair or mobility aid is unusable
  • Loss or damage to contents belonging to visitors up to £250
  • Optional 24-hour home emergency assistance cover available for an additional cost. This can cover costs of up to £500 for emergencies like burst pipes, but doesn’t cover day-to-day property maintenance
  • Family legal protection up to £50,000 available for an additional cost

These are not the only benefits available with our Home Insurance. To find out more please read the relevant policy documentation. As with all insurance policies, limitations and exclusions apply. Please read the relevant policy documents for more information

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Home Contents Insurance policy documents

You can find all our Home Contents Insurance policy documents here

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Still got questions?

We’ve answered some of the queries you might have about our Home Insurance

  • QCan I get a voluntary security discount on my Home Insurance?
    AFish Insurance can offer a voluntary security discount to many customers. The conditions for the discount involve things such as having certain locks on doors and windows. Please do ask about the discount when calling our team in order to see if you are eligible.
  • QI don’t know how much I need for my contents – what’s the average?
    AThe quick answer is there is no average. What one person considers to be a lot could be considered as very little to another. It also depends on the size of your property. Our contents cover starts from £15,000 and can be increased to whatever you wish. The GoCompare website offers a useful Contents Insurance Calculator that may help you to estimate the amount of cover you need here.
  • QDo you offer Home Emergency cover?
    AYes. Fish Insurance offer Home Emergency cover that can be added on to a Home Insurance policy for an additional premium. Home Emergency cover provides 24-hour assistance 365 days a year, providing up to £500 (including VAT) for emergency repairs in the event of:
    • Burst pipes or sudden leakage
    • Failure of domestic water mains or electricity supply
    • Blocked drains or sewers
    • Failure of your domestic heating system
    • Inoperable toilet where no other toilet is available
    • Failure of or damage to the property’s locks, doors or windows
    • Failure of roofing, guttering or down-piping
    • Infestation of pests
    Insurers will not pay for claims arising within the first 14 days of the first period of insurance or for any circumstance known to you at the time of applying for insurance. Other exclusions also apply, so please read the policy documentation before purchasing here.
  • QDo you provide liability cover with your policies?
    AYes. If you take out a Home Insurance policy with Fish Insurance, you will have liability cover as a property owner or occupier of up to £2,000,000.
  • QI have a hoist – would that come under buildings and contents cover?
    AIf your hoist is permanently attached to the structure of the property, e.g. the ceiling, this comes under your Buildings cover. If your hoist is free-standing it would be classed under your Contents cover.
  • QDo you cover contents kept in an outbuilding?
    AYes. Contents in outbuildings are covered against theft for up to £2,000 on Fish Insurance Home Insurance policies.
  • QI’m disabled but I don’t have any adaptations in the home – can you still cover me?
    AYour home does not need to have disability adaptations to have cover from Fish Insurance.
  • QDoes Home Insurance cover adaptations in the home?
    ABuildings cover from Fish Insurance is extended to cover ramps & handrails, stair lifts, bath lifts & chair lifts and adapted kitchen and bathroom fittings as standard.
  • QWhat’s the difference between standard accidental damage cover and extended accidental damage cover?
    AHome Insurance automatically comes with a selected amount of accidental damage cover for certain items within the home. For example, buildings cover may include accidental damage for things like fixed glass, ceramic hobs, and sanitary wear. Contents cover may include accidental damage for things like audio, visual and desktop computer equipment. There’s also the option of paying for Extended Accidental Damage Cover for a wider range of coverage for something you may accidentally damage in the home. For example, Extended Accidental Damage Cover on your buildings insurance may cover you accidentally drilling through a pipe, while this cover on your contents insurance may cover you spilling paint on your carpet.
  • QDo you cover through the floor lifts?
    AYes, we can offer warranty cover for many through-floor lifts. You can find out more information by clicking here.