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The best websites for booking an accessible UK holiday

The UK is a fantastic place to live when it comes to embarking on a local trip. There are a whole host of holiday locations with something to offer everybody. Of course, people now often book the entirety of their trips away online. While this has its benefits for finding a multitude of options quickly and easily, it has also made it easier than ever to locate accommodation options which meet your accessibility needs.

Of course, hosts will only be a phone call away, ready to answer any specific questions you may have, but it’s incredibly helpful and efficient to locate the accommodation options which meet your needs right from the first search. Here we’re going to take a look at some websites which will prove useful for ensuring a relaxed and carefree holiday experience, right from the first click.

Join Premier Cottages | List your Cottages
Photo Credit: Premier Cottages

We’ve identified Premier Cottages as a superb option for choosing and planning a self-catered cosy cottage getaway. Premier Cottages cover the whole of the UK and also offer accommodation in Ireland, so there is bound to be something that takes your fancy.

Upon entering the homepage, you are greeted with a variety of filter options. Of course, you can get straight to it and filter by location if you have an idea of where you would like to go on your holiday. There are a number of other options such as ‘Family-friendly’ and ‘Just for Two’ which can offer some inspiration to kick off your planning.

However, what’s really great to see is an ‘Accessible Cottages’ filter option. Having followed this through, you’re then able to use other filters, such as region and number of guests, to make a more detailed search exclusively of the cottages listed as accessible. This is really useful as it means you can explore the site’s vast range of options all the while ensuring you aren’t shown any cottages which aren’t likely to be appropriate.

Even more useful is the detail with which you are able to search the cottages for specific accessibility needs. After making your initial search, if you click on ‘Refine my search’, you are greeted with options which pinpoint specific needs. These accessibility filters include mobility, hearing, visual, and ground floor facilities. You are also able to select which National Accessible Scheme number is applicable, for example, NAS 1, and there is a link to a helpful guide explaining the different NAS symbols and definitions.

This attention to detail is really impressive but most importantly, quick and easy to navigate. After a few clicks through the accessibility options, you are able to browse the multitude of other exciting options to tailor your cottage experience.

6 bedroom Adapted Woodland Lodge at Woburn Forest | Center Parcs
Photo Credit: Center Parcs

Center Parcs is truly a household name in the short-break holiday category, so it’s no surprise that they have ensured they offer accessible accommodation by way of their adapted lodges.

Access to accessible accommodation is efficient and reliable, with dedicated parking and ramps ensuring an easy journey to your door. Exclusive Adapted Lodges include mouth-watering features such as hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms, all of which are fitted with hoists or other wider access features, so it’s easy to enjoy luxury features without compromising functionality.

Their largest ever adapted lodge has also recently been launched at Woburn Forest in Bedfordshire. A 6 bedroom Woodland Lodge features all the accessible access ensured with adapted lodges but on a larger scale, so you can bring more of the family! Center Parcs also include information about travel links on their website, including information for disabled passengers travelling to their location by train, so they’ve really got you covered throughout the whole process.

Limitless Travel is the self-proclaimed disability holiday specialist, founded and run by people with disabilities. Booking is done by email or over the phone, so it’s easy to discuss your specific requirements. What’s encouraging is that because they are a provider specifically dedicated to accessible holidays, their travel advisers are most likely to be familiar with your needs. Indeed, Limitless create disabled-friendly holiday itineraries, so you’ll feel assured and confident before your big break.

Limitless Travel specialises in planning and organising package holidays both in the UK and abroad. Browsing their site offers a really exciting array of options for UK trips, many of which are organised as packaged tours, so there are minimal steps for you to complete before you’re all booked in. Tours including Blackpool by the Sea, the Scotland Discovery tour, and North Wales are customer favourites ready to give you an unforgettable trip. Their day-by-day itineraries not only detail your locations but also explain where you will secure your wheelchair throughout each journey, ensuring your peace of mind during these exciting moments of the trip.

Disabled Holidays describe themselves as the UK’s largest accessible holiday specialist. They offer breaks throughout the UK and the rest of the world, but the choice of UK accommodation is extensive. With everything from UK cottage breaks and coach tours to adventure holidays and spa visits, there are a huge range of accessible options available for all types of people.

Each individual holiday listing is accompanied by helpful icons, making it clear what adaptations are available with the accommodation as standard, as well as any additional equipment available for hire.

Once you’ve found the perfect holiday for your needs, you can simply give the Disabled Holidays team a call or fill in an enquiry form online and they will call you back. A discussion with the team will enable you to ensure that all your accessibility requirements are met, so you can travel with confidence.

You can also organise things like UK accessible transfers, a luggage delivery service, and adapted vehicle hire through Disabled Holidays.

With these fantastic online booking options, it’s straightforward to organise a truly unforgettable UK holiday with all your needs covered. Relax and enjoy the journey, we wish you a pleasant trip!

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