Carefree, Single Trip Travel Insurance as it should be

Whether you’re getting away to explore, embark on an adventure or just relax in the sunshine, planning a holiday should be carefree. As travel insurance specialists, we can help you find the right cover for your trip and take care of everything.

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We take care of everything

For over 40 years, we’ve been helping people travel around the world without worry. Our team of experts will help find the cover you need at a price you’re comfy with. So if you’re planning your next break, all you have to do is decide where to visit first.

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Key benefits at a glance

  • No age limit*
  • Single and annual multi-trip cover
  • Alternative accommodation cover
  • Cruise cover
  • Friendly UK-based claims service and specialist medical assistance
  • Covers emergency replacement of prescription medicines
  • Provides cover for a replacement carer
  • Covers a wide range of pre-existing medical conditions
  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Protects mobility and disability equipment, providing replacement equipment in the event of a loss

*Applies to Fish Plus One and Fish Plus Two policies only


Travel Policy Documents

See all of our Disability and Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Travel Insurance policy documents here.

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And we don’t stop there…

We’ve answered some of the questions you may have about our Travel Insurance.

  • QWhat is single trip travel insurance? ASingle trip insurance covers you for as long as your trip or holiday lasts. As long as you provide the correct departure and return dates when you take our insurance, the policy will last as long as you need it to.
  • QWhat does single trip travel insurance mean? ASingle trip travel insurance only covers you for the duration of your trip or holiday, as opposed to an annual or multi-trip policy, which covers more than one trip during the cover period (usually a year). A single trip policy finishes when you arrive back from your holiday. Any additional holiday or trip which begins after you get back will not be covered by this type of policy.
  • QWhen should single trip travel insurance start? ASingle trip travel insurance should be started on the date your trip or holiday begins. It will cover you in the instance something happens in relation to your holiday from the date the insurance is taken out. Therefore, it's a good idea to take out cover as soon as you book your holiday.
  • QDoes single trip travel insurance cover cancellation? AYes. Single trip travel insurance from Fish Insurance provides cover if you need to cancel your trip unexpectedly.
  • QDoes single trip travel insurance cover pre-existing medical conditions? AYes. Single trip travel insurance from Fish Insurance covers a wide range of pre-existing medical conditions. When you take out a policy with us, you will be asked a few simple screening questions where you are asked to give some basic details about your condition as well as any medication or treatment you are receiving.
  • QShould I get single or multi-trip travel insurance? AIf you're going on two or more holidays in a year, it might work out cheaper for you to take out an annual multi-trip policy. When you get a quote from Fish Insurance, you'll be able to get a price for both single trip and annual cover in order to see what option makes sense for you.