Car Insurance for Disabled Drivers

If you’re a disabled driver then you’ll love our Adapted Vehicle Insurance & Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) Insurance. Further details are provided below.

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*Comparing insurance could help to ensure you are not overpaying. You should check that any quote sufficiently covers your individual needs. Click here for more information about Fish Car Insurance.

Car Insurance for Disabled Drivers from Fish Insurance

Not only does our policy offer significant discounts for registered disabled drivers, it specifically covers adapted cars and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs).

Some mass market insurers may quote you a higher premium if you drive a modified car, as they see all modifications as a risk. Because we are a long established disability car insurance specialist we know from experience that disabled drivers represent a lower risk. The same experience tells us that if your car is modified it’s not typically to boost its performance or looks, but to be more functional for you.

This is why it’s important to compare adapted/disability car insurance with standard policies – because you need to make sure the cover offered suits your needs.

Key benefits at a glance

  • Breakdown cover including Home Start included as standard
  • Cover for the repair and replacement of adaptations to your car
  • Free courtesy car or up to £700 mobility allowance if a suitable car is not available
  • If your car is stolen, any settlement will take into account modifications
  • Protections for wheelchair or other mobility aids carried in your car

Car insurance for Carers and Personal Assistants now available

Car Policy Documents

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Help & Advice

For more information on everything from vehicle adaptations to Blue Badge regulation, check out our help page

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And we don’t stop there..…

We’ve answered some of the questions you may have about our Adapted/Disability Car Insurance

  • QDo I need to notify the DVLA about my disability or medical condition?
    AYou have to tell the DVLA if you have a driving licence and develop certain disabilities or medical conditions that they deem to possibly affect your ability to drive. You can find a list of the disabilities and conditions that might need reporting to the DVLA here. You also need to let the DVLA know if a pre-existing disability or medical condition has got worse since you got your licence. Please click here for full policy information.
  • QHow do I make a car insurance claim?
    AIf you need to make a claim, call the claims line on 0333 331 3960. You will need to give details of the incident and your policy number (given on your Certificate of Motor Insurance) or vehicle registration. Please click here for full policy information.
  • QDoes the policy allow me to drive anybody else’s car?
    AYes, our disability and blue badge car insurance policies provide cover for you to drive a car that doesn’t belong to you, as long as you have the owner’s permission. Please note that if you choose to drive someone else’s car the cover you get is Third Party Only. Please click here for full policy information.
  • QCan I put a named driver on the policy? Is my carer covered to drive?
    AYes, you can name people as entitled to drive your car when you purchase a policy.
  • QIf my car is stolen or off the road will I get a courtesy car with the same modifications and adaptations my car had?
    AAs we are specialists in WAV insurance and insurance for adapted vehicles, we know how important these modifications to your vehicle can be. That’s why we will make every effort to provide you with a courtesy car suited to your needs while your car is repaired at one of our approved garages. If we can’t provide a suitable vehicle, we will award you a mobility allowance of £50 per day (up to a total of £700) to cover reasonable travel expenses and enable you to get out and about. Please click here for full policy information.
  • QI carry my wheelchair in my car. Will it be covered by my insurance?
    AYes. Our disabled motor insurance policy includes cover for up to £2,500 towards a replacement manual or powered wheelchair or other mobility aids being transported in your vehicle. We will pay for the cost of the item, less an amount for wear and tear and loss of value up to a total of £2,500. We also offer separate manual and powered wheelchair insurance to cover your wheelchair against theft or damage when it’s not being stored in your insured vehicle. Please click here for full policy information.
  • QWill your disabled car insurance protect the adaptations and modifications on my car if it’s stolen, damaged or written off?
    AMany standard insurance policies only pay out a market value based on the car’s list price. However, Fish’s disability car insurance covers modifications such as hand controls, under ring accelerators, swivel chairs, lifts and other adaptations used by disabled drivers and passengers. This means that if you need to make a claim on your disability car insurance following an accident, your policy will pay for the repair or replacement of adaptations. Or, in the case of a write off or theft where your vehicle is not recovered, your settlement will take into account the investment made in modifications. We recommend that you compare disabled driver insurance and standard motor policies to ensure that the cover offered meets your needs. Please click here for full policy information.
  • QIs it possible to find cheap car insurance for disabled drivers?
    AYes, but we would encourage you to check that whichever insurer you choose will actually cover everything you need. Here at Fish, we specialise in insurance for people with disabilities and pre-existing medical conditions. This means a Fish car insurance quote covers things like modifications to your vehicle and certain mobility aids you carry in it. Please click here for full policy information.
  • QIs car insurance for disabled drivers more expensive?
    ASome mass market insurers may quote higher premiums if you drive a modified car because they focus on standard risks and treat all modifications equally. This means that they treat disability adaptations in the same way as modifications made to enhance the look or performance of the car, meaning they may raise your premium or refuse to insure you at all. However, as disability car insurance specialists, Fish’s experience is that disabled drivers and wheelchair adapted vehicles (WAVs) actually present a better insurance risk. For this reason, we can offer disabled car insurance with significant discounts. Please click here for full policy information.