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How to arrange a stairlift for a loved one

Although none of us wants to think about it, we all get older. It can be especially difficult for us when our loved ones start to age, but it is important to do everything we can to ensure that they’re safe and cared for.

That’s why, when your older loved ones start struggling to move around like they used to, it is important that you do everything you can to help them get about. If they live in a big house, you may think that relocation is the only option. However, it’s not always the right strategy for some, and it can be incredibly expensive.

One of the most cost-effective and simple ways to ensure that your loved ones can move around their house as they get older is to install a stairlift. But how can you arrange this? In this blog, we’ll discuss how to decide when it’s the right time to install a stairlift for your loved one, and how you can arrange one.

How to know if it’s the right time for a stairlift

Because no one likes to admit that their loved ones are getting old and more fragile, it can be difficult to know when it’s the right time to install a stairlift. However, there are some signs to look out for:

  • Your loved one is struggling to walk up the stairs
  • They are getting tired after walking a short distance
  • They are having trouble with their balance
  • Their movement has become limited
  • It’s no longer safe for them to walk up the stairs without support

    If any of these signs match your loved one, you should install a stairlift straight away, so they are safe in their own home. Even if your loved one doesn’t yet show all these signs, it still might be pertinent to have a stairlift installed for future use.

How to arrange a stairlift for a loved one

If you have decided that it is the right time for you to have a stairlift installed in your loved one’s home, here are some things you need to do.

  • Talk to your loved one – The very first thing you have to do, once you have decided that it’s time for your loved one to have a stairlift, is to speak to them directly about it. It’s likely that your loved one may feel a little concerned about this change. Calmly explain why you believe it’s the best option for them.

  • Book a consultation with a professional stairlift company – company and book a consultation. They will come to your loved one’s home and discuss the best option for the stairs, including the shape, size and model of stairlift that your loved one will need. They will then go over the cost and the process of installing a stairlift and will book an appointment to have it installed.

  • Think of the cost – Before you install a stairlift in your loved one’s home, you should think about the cost, and work out how you or your loved one will afford to pay for one. According to Which?, the average price of a stairlift was £3,284 in 2020. However, they can cost as much as £7,000 if the stairlift is long or curved. As a general rule, expect every corner on the stairway to double the price of the stairlift.

Consider buying stairlift insurance

Stairlifts are an investment that will help your loved one for the rest of their life. However, stairlifts can be expensive to install, and they are also expensive to fix if something goes wrong. As with anything, stairlifts can break or stop working, and this can cause a big issue both physically and financially. If a stairlift breaks, your loved one may not be able to traverse up or down the stairs, which could be incredibly problematic if they are not able to get in touch with someone. It can also be expensive to repair these, and the cost only increases if the work needs to be completed quickly, which it usually does.

Here at Fish Insurance, we provide specially designed insurance cover for stairlifts helping to give you reassurance in the event of your stairlift being damaged or vandalised. Or if you’re looking for protection against electrical or mechanical breakdown, click here to find out about our Stairlift Warranty cover.

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