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Coronavirus - Carer & Personal Assistant Policyholder FAQs
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Carer & PA Cover
Only £89 Annually

This is a policy which offers so many benefits, but for so little – equivalent to less than £2 a week.

Carer & Personal Assistant Insurance

If you’re a carer or personal assistant (PA) it’s important you take good care of yourself.

Carer and PA Insurance from Fish Insurance

As one of the UK’s longest established and leading disability insurance specialists, we understand that the service carers and personal assistants provide is essential to the health and well-being of people across the world. That’s where Personal Care Assistant Insurance comes in.

Personal Care Assistant Insurance helps protect self-employed carers in areas such as Public Liability Insurance and personal accident cover. This includes: legal costs and expenses; accidental bodily damage and accidental damage to property. All for just £89 a year.

Key benefits at a glance

Up to £5million public liability cover, including:

Protection against errors and omissions in the provision of medical treatment

Accidental damage to property

Accidental bodily injury to any person

Legal costs and expenses incurred in defending prosecution under food, health and safety acts

Up to £10,000 personal accident cover, with hospital allowance

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  • Carer & Personal Assistant Insurance Policy Summary
  • CoverSignificant Features and BenefitsSignificant or Unusual Exclusions or Limitations
    Section 1
    Public LiabilityCovers your legal liability to others including:Errors or Omissions in the provision of the following medical treatment:
    i) nursing care
    ii) administration of medicines or
    iii) first aid

    Also covers:
    • Indemnity to Principle
    • Temporary Visits Overseas
    • Legal Costs and Expenses defending criminal proceedings arising from and (alleged) breach of the Food Safety Act or Health and Safety at Work Act
    Limit £5 million, plus costs.

    No cover:
    • unless related to Support Duties
    • to Employees
    • where you have not received the appropriate training or are not formally qualified to undertake the duties performed
    No cover for liability from:
    • Punitive and exemplary damages
    • Contractual liability
    • Deliberate and Malicious acts
    You must pay the first £100 for damage to property of others.
    Section 2
    Personal AccidentProvides various benefits if you suffer accidental injury

    Additional £50 per day spent as a hospital in-patient receiving treatment for a condition qualifying for benefit above but limited to a maximum of £1,000 in all
    Limit £10,000 in all for any one insured person and £50,000 overall during the period of cover.

    Benefits range from £200 for a broken bone to £2,500 for permanent loss of use of a hand to £10,000 for death

    No cover:
    • Certain dangerous activities
    • Disease, natural causes and pre-existing medical conditions
    • Use of drugs, unless as medically prescribed, alcoholism or drunkenness.

  • Purchase Carer & Personal Assistant Insurance for £89

    Answers to some of the most popular questions we get asked about our Carer & PA cover

    • Q1.

      I’m self-employed. Do I need Carer & Personal Assistant insurance?


      If you are self-employed it’s a good idea to invest in insurance. It means that you are protected should something go wrong at work. Clients may also check that you have public liability insurance, in order to give themselves peace of mind that they will be protected should an accident occur.

    • Q2.

      Am I covered if I get injured at work?


      If you’re self-employed, you don’t have the benefit of employers’ liability insurance. But, with Fish you get up to £10,000 personal accident cover to protect you in case you are injured at work.

    • Q3.

      Am I covered if I accidentally injure my client?


      Yes, our insurance for carers and personal assistants means you’re covered if you accidentally injure your client.

    • Q4.

      Am I covered if I accidentally give my client the incorrect medication?


      Yes, if you should happen to accidentally give your client the wrong medication, you will be covered.

    • Q5.

      Am I covered if I accidentally damage my client’s property?


      Yes. Our Carer & Personal Assistant policy covers you in case you accidentally damage your client’s property.

    • Q6.

      What happens if my client tries to sue me?


      At one time, it was costly to try and sue somebody. However, with the large amount of ‘no win no fee’ claim companies existing today, people often make a claim even if they think their chances are fairly slim. If you are sued, and you don’t have the right insurance, you could end up paying out thousands of pounds in compensation. Fish’s Carer & Personal Assistant Insurance will help you with legal costs and compensation, should your client try to sue you.

    • Q7.

      Is there any other special type of insurance I need to be a carer or personal assistant?


      If you use your car to drive your clients/employer to the shops, hospital appointments etc. you need to have the right insurance cover. This means your car insurance policy needs to cover you for business use. Here at Fish we offer a dedicated car insurance policy for carers & personal assistants, to make sure you have the right cover.

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