Orthotics Insurance

Specially designed insurance cover for orthoses, helping to provide reassurance in the event of your orthotic device being damaged or stolen. Further details are provided below.

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Key benefits at a glance

  • Covers your orthotic device against loss or damage from the following:
    • Accidental Damage
    • Malicious Damage, Vandalism, and Theft
    • Fire, Storm or Flood
  • Public liability cover up to £2million in case you accidentally cause damage to someone or their property with your orthotic device. Cover doesn’t apply if you’ve used your orthotic device for anything other than its designed purpose
  • Personal accident cover of up to £3,000 if you’re accidentally injured in direct connection with your orthotic device
  • Hospital benefit of up to £250 if you’re admitted to hospital following accidental bodily injury sustained in direct connection with your orthotic device
  • Worldwide cover of up to 21 days per trip, including baggage handler cover up to the market value of your device. Liability cover does not apply in USA and Canada

As with any insurance policy, limits and exclusions apply. Please get in touch with us or read the full policy documentation here for further information.

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