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Home Insurance
For Standard & Adapted Homes

Our insurance covers both standard homes and those with adaptations and equipment that make life at home easier
and more comfortable.

Home Insurance from Fish Insurance

Our specialist disabled home insurance is designed to ensure that key aids such as: fitted adapted and special access bathing facilities, indoor stair lifts, electric and hydraulic hoists and ceiling lifts, access ramps, and low-height fittings are protected. In addition, it covers manual wheelchairs and disability aids whilst also offering all the reassurance and protection you might expect from a standard home insurance policy.

Key benefits at a glance

Standard contents & buildings cover, plus cover for a variety of vital home adaptations

Protection for manual wheelchairs and disability aids

Reimbursement of food delivery costs following loss or damage to your wheelchair or disability aid

Cover for oxygen maintained in the home

New-for-old replacement of lost or damaged adaptations

Optional 24-hr home emergency assistance cover

Family legal protection

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  • Why Choose Adapted Home Insurance?

    This policy is for disabled people, the elderly and anyone with mobility issues living in a home adapted to accommodate their disability and for people sharing a home with someone with limited mobility or a disability.

    Many people with disabilities or limited mobility invest in adaptations and equipment to make life at home easier and more comfortable. Our specialist disabled home insurance is designed to ensure that key aids such as hoists, stairlifts, bathing aids and ramps are specifically protected. In addition it covers manual wheelchairs and disability aids whilst also offering all the reassurance and protection you might expect from a standard home insurance policy.

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    We understand that funding an adapted home can be expensive (not to mention daunting!) so we’ve looked into what financial help is available to you and what your options are:

Answers to some of the most popular questions we get asked about our disabled home insurance cover

  • Q1.

    Do you cover through the floor lifts?


    We offer liability cover for Platform Lifts providing the following is adhered to:

    Domestic Platform Lift Liability Extension Clause

    We will not pay for your legal liability arising from the ownership or usage of any power-operated lift, unless:
    · it is a vertical platform lift permanently fitted within your home and used solely for domestic purposes;
    · the vertical platform lift:
    - has been installed by a specialist lift installation contractor/ engineer;
    - is used solely in accordance with the manufacturer’s and/ or installer’s instructions or recommendations;
    - is maintained and serviced by a specialist lift maintenance contractor/ engineer at least once every year.

  • Q2.

    What’s the difference between standard cover and accidental damage cover?


    Home Insurance automatically comes with a selected amount of accidental damage cover for certain items within the home.
    E.g. Buildings = Fixed glass, ceramic hobs, sanitary wear.
    Contents = Audio, visual and desktop computer equipment (maximum values apply).

    There’s also the option of paying for Extended Accidental Damage Cover for a wider range of coverage for something you may accidentally damage in the home.
    E.g. Buildings = Drilling through a pipe.
    Contents = Spilling paint on your carpet

  • Q3.

    Do you cover adaptations in the home?


    Buildings cover with Fish is extended to cover ramps & handrails, stair lifts, bath lifts & chair lifts and adapted kitchen and bathroom fittings as standard

  • Q4.

    I’m disabled but I don’t have any adaptations in the home – can you still cover me?


    Yes. Your home does not need to have disability adaptations to have cover with Fish.

  • Q5.

    Do you cover contents kept in an outbuilding?


    Yes. Contents in outbuildings are covered for up to £2,000.

  • Q6.

    I have a hoist – would that come under buildings and contents cover?


    If your hoist is permanently attached to the structure of the property, e.g. the ceiling, this comes under your Buildings cover. If your hoist is free-standing it would be classed under your Contents cover.

  • Q7.

    Do you provide liability cover with your policies?


    Yes. You will have liability as a property owner or occupier of up to £2,000,000

  • Q8.

    Do you offer Home Emergency cover?


    Yes. You can pay to add Home Emergency cover to your Buildings cover:

    Home Emergency provides 24 hour assistance 365 days a year, with up to £500 including VAT for emergency repairs in the event of:

    Burst pipes or sudden leakage
    Failure of domestic water mains or electricity supply
    Blocked drains or sewers
    Failure of your domestic heating system
    Inoperable toilet
    Failure of the property’s locks, doors or windows
    Failure of roofing, guttering or down-piping
    Infestation of pests

    If you wish to benefit from the cover for your heating and water system, you must have your boiler or warm air system serviced either annually or in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
    Insurers will not pay for claims arising within the first 14 days of the first period of insurance

  • Q9.

    I don’t know how much I need for my contents – what’s the average?


    The quick answer is there is no average. What one person considers to be a lot could be considered as very little to another. It also depends on the size of your property.

    Our contents cover starts from £15,000 and can be increased to whatever you wish.

  • Q10.

    What does the voluntary security discount involve?


    If applicable, you may be offered a voluntary security discount on your property for having and using the following:

    • External Doors (Excluding Double Glazed Doors): Five-lever mortise deadlocks, to British Standard 3621 on all external doors and key-operated security bolts fitted to the top and bottom of all external doors apart from the final exit door
    • Double Glazed Doors: Built-in deadlocking cylinder locks and security bolts if the door is double glazed
    • French Windows and Patio Doors: Mortise security bolts or other key-operated locks to British Standard 3621 fitted at the top and bottom of each portion of french windows or double sliding patio doors
    • Windows: All opening sections of the basement, ground floor or easily accessible windows to the home are secured by key-operated window locks.

    Using The Locks: The locks must be used whenever the home is left unattended (and all keys removed from the locks or bolts and hidden from view) and when everyone has gone to bed (excluding window locks in bedrooms where people are sleeping).

    • The insurer approves the following type of alarm: NSI (National Security Inspectorate) approved alarm under an annual maintenance agreement.
    Using the alarm: The alarm must be used overnight and when no authorised person is in the building.

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