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Helpful home adaptations for the warmer months

We could talk about the British weather forever. Every year we find ourselves complaining about the freezing temperatures in the winter and then getting uncomfortable when things get too hot in the summer. It’s rarely ‘just right.’

For this reason, it is essential to make sure our homes are adaptable to keep us from feeling extreme temperatures too much. Overheating isn’t enjoyable for anyone and, in some cases, can damage your overall health.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the steps you can take to battle the heat in those scorching summer months and allow you to feel comfortable in your own home. Considering these tips and implementing as many as possible will ensure this summer is a pleasant one.

Improve ventilation around the house

One of the easiest and quickest ways to get more natural air into your home and cool the inside temperature is to improve the ventilation throughout. You can do this without spending a penny.

Opening windows & doors around the house can help with overall ventilation
and doesn’t cost a penny! It is always best to open windows
first thing in the morning.

Open windows and doors wherever possible in the morning to let the cooler air inside. This will have a more significant effect than waiting until your house gets too hot. Of course, make sure that nothing is open that could pose a risk. You can continue to open and close them throughout the day, depending on your needs. Not only will you be able to cool down, but you’ll also be inhaling fresh air, which is excellent for your health.

Install air conditioning

Perhaps you live in a very warm area, and natural ventilation isn’t cutting it. In this case, it may be time to install an air conditioner. Before you splash out on the latest and top of the range products, you could try a small fan close to where you sit at home and see if it does the job.

If you are still too hot, then investing in air conditioning is a great idea. Modern machines will cool your home very quickly and can be turned off and on at intervals to help you save a bit of money. Many can be connected to smart devices for you to control when you’re not at home so that it’s nice and cool for when you come in from the heat.

Smart thermostats

More and more homes across the country are becoming ‘smart.’ New technology allows a vast range of products to be controlled by your voice or from your mobile device whether you’re at home or away. One of the more popular products right now is a smart thermostat.

Using a smart thermostat will allow you to turn your boiler down and control
your air conditioning, to make sure your home isn’t getting too hot.

After purchasing this nifty piece of tech, you’ll need to download an app on your phone so that you can control the temperature virtually. The smart thermostat is connected to the boiler in your house and allows you to turn it up or down as you wish, even when you aren’t at home. It can also be connected to your air conditioning system.

Consider temperature alerts

To ensure you stay safe during heatwaves, you could opt for a carer to receive temperature alerts. These work with wireless sensors and allow someone in a different location to receive an alert when things get too hot.

This is an excellent option if you tend to fall asleep and find yourself waking up drenched because you forgot to turn the AC on. Make sure your carer or family member has the information to adjust your thermostat or boiler from afar, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Turn off electrical devices

If you’ve tried everything and would still like to be a couple of degrees cooler, it’s time to check all your devices that are plugged in. Computers, for example, give off a lot of heat. Make sure you turn items off when you aren’t using them to stop them from adding to your home’s heat sources.

Watch what you eat

It’s a good idea to enjoy more salads, fruit, and other foods low in protein in the warmer months. Lots of meat increases metabolic heat and warms you up. Drink plenty of water, too, to replace all the liquid you lose from sweating.

Say goodbye to the unbearable warm months in your home by considering these tips and implementing them throughout your house. You’ll soon be looking forward to summer instead of dreading the uncomfortable feelings that come with sunny days.

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