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Hiring a Carer for a Loved One

When a member of your family or close friendship group needs some extra help with daily tasks, there are many professional and diligent carers available to assist in all the necessary ways. It’s not always possible for relatives to be around all the time to provide that care and attention, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be directly involved in organising a carer to help make your loved one’s life easier.

There are a number of important aspects to consider when you take on this task, however, from the process of sourcing a carer to ensuring that all of the necessary checks and procedures are conducted, both during the hiring process and throughout the duration of the carer’s employment with your family member.

Sourcing a reliable carer for your loved one

The first stage of securing an appropriate carer is to advertise for the role and make it known that you are looking to hire someone on behalf of another. When you issue an advertisement in your area, make sure to include the relevant details, such as how often the carer is needed and the general nature of the tasks. It’s also important to note if you need them to have a car and a full driver’s licence for work.

Most local magazines and newspapers carry a jobs section, but these days the most effective way is to place an advert online through sites such as Indeed, Reed, and TotalJobs. This option ensures that you reach the widest applicant pool possible and have the best chance at finding the perfect carer for your loved one.

Conducting the necessary background checks

Just as with any profession that requires close interaction with a client or the public, carers must pass a government-issued background check. If you’re taking on the responsibility of hiring a carer for another individual, you must ensure that a full background check is completed. It’s important that you conduct these checks in advance of interviewing the candidates, which is something many people are not aware of when they first begin the process of hiring a carer for another person.

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the required verification process is known as a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, but in Scotland, it is called a Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) check. Make sure that you always choose the appropriate background check for your specific location.

As the carer will be employed in the UK, it’s also imperative that you verify their right to work legally in the country. You are entitled to request a copy of their passport or visa to prove this requirement, and you should check what type of status they hold and for how long it is valid.

Interviewing and selecting a candidate

Once you’ve heard from several applicants, it’s important to interview a few of the interested carers and find out if they’re a good fit for the job. Consider aspects such as their experience and dedication because you’ll want a carer who is responsible, reliable, and has a history of turning up on time. This is particularly important if your family member needs regular medical assistance or help with daily self-care. It’s crucial to ask for several references in order to get past employers’ testimonies about the reliability of your chosen candidate.

It’s also necessary to check that the individual you select is a professionally registered carer. This is important not only for the safety and security of the person they are caring for but is also often a requirement for securing the necessary insurance cover for people employing carers in the home.

Staying involved and active in the caring process

Just because you’ve helped to employ a carer for a family member doesn’t mean you can’t still be involved in your loved one’s daily life. You can offer practical help before the carer arrives or take a moment in the evening to catch up with the carer and discuss any concerns or manage medication. The main benefit of hiring a carer is that it frees up more of your time so that you can restore balance in your personal life and enjoy more quality time with the person being cared for. You might want to take your loved one on more outings together or share a new hobby together.

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