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Got a need for speed? Then check out this record-breaking mobility scooter!

A pair of mechanics from the Isle of Man have been honoured by Guinness for breaking the record for the world’s fastest mobility scooter.

David Anderson and Mathew Hine’s adapted Days Strider scooter smashed the previous 82mph record held by Klaus Petersen by reaching a tarmac-eating 107.6mph.

Of course they did not perform this feat riding a standard spec Strider which, as you would expect, carries a top speed nearly 100mph lower than the duo managed at the island’s Jurby’s Motordrome.

No, under that innocuous mobility scooter chassis lay a 600cc engine borrowed from Suzuki Bandit motorcycle, a motor capable of belching out some 80bhp. So, somewhat more powerful than the two 12v batteries that the machine is usually equipped with. When we say innocuous we also mean from the front, as the two whopping exhausts that emerge from the rear are something of a giveaway that this isn’t your average mobility ride.

Indeed whilst making for great entertainment this not a scooter you’d really want to use to pop down the shops; it can break a ton and yet has no front brake! Indeed, as one of the UK’s leading providers of mobility scooter insurance we’d go as far as to strongly recommend you do not try this at home. Apart from anything else you’d not be street legal – given the Department of Transport is rather partial to things like front brakes – and therefore not insured to ride such a beast on Her Majesty’s highways!

But enough with the sensible talk, you want to see the crazy bloke hurtling down a ¼ mile of tarmac in the Manx sun right? Of course you do. Your wish then is our command. Just click here and enjoy!

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