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Five travel bloggers you have to check out

Accessible travel is vital for many of our customers and followers. Many popular holiday destinations have finally started offering more options for people who struggle with mobility and other conditions, but this is just the beginning. We’re hoping more and more travel companies, festivals, and holiday rentals take the steps to become more inclusive.

With that said, how do you find out if somewhere is truly accessible, whatever your disability? The travel blogging community is vast, but within it are a number of highly influential and honest bloggers, who focus their efforts on visiting different parts of the UK and the world to show us how and where to travel, with helpful tips along the way. Below, we’ve outlined some of our favourite travel bloggers and why you should check them out.

Simply Emma

Emma has featured on a list of our favourite bloggers to follow before – and with good reason. Her blog is incredibly visual and she provides excellent guides, reviews, and tips for those who require accessible travel if they use a wheelchair. She even provided us with a sponsored post on how to be a tourist in your hometown as a wheelchair user.

Articles you have to read:

Is travelling first class on Virgin Trains wheelchair accessible

An accessible city guide to Barcelona

Top 4 wheelchair accessible things to do in Paris

Smiths Holiday Road

Australian based bloggers the Smiths adore travelling. They’re made up of Andrew, Bron, Cooper, Pepper, and Elwood. Cooper has Cerebral Palsy, so requires a wheelchair when exploring the world. Their blog focuses on where and how to travel with a young family, as well as navigating countries with a wheelchair. Their list of places they’ve travelled is expansive and includes Singapore, the Netherlands, and Tokyo.

Articles you have to read:

Top 10 places to visit in Thailand for kids and families

Mornington Peninsula for all abilities

Have Wheelchair, Will Travel

Just as the title suggests, this is the blog of an Australian based family of four, who have a son with non-verbal Cerebral Palsy, who requires a wheelchair to travel. The aim of the blog is to document the family’s travels, as well as provide people with tips and guidance on travelling with a wheelchair and someone with a disability. The blog is honest and open and gives a great insight into the life of this wonderful family.

Articles you have to read:

Tips on travelling with a power wheelchair

Australian companion card – free admission for carers

Sydney Bus Museum – Wheelchair accessible Sydney

The Bimblers: Living life in the slow lane

This is an extremely positive and uplifting blog for those looking to see what they can do, rather what their limitations may be. The Bimblers provides insight into travelling with mobility issues, as well as travelling with a chronic illness. The blog is run by Rob and Bridget; Bridget was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2014, when Rob became her carer. It’s a superb resource for those who aren’t just disabled or struggle with mobility, but also those who are carers too.

Articles you have to read:

A weekend away in accessible Stratford-upon-Avon

Accessible days out in Sandringham

Wheelchair friendly days out on the north west coast

Carrie-Ann Lightly

Carrie-Ann is incredibly passionate and positive about wheelchair accessible travel. She’s also Information Service Manager at Tourism for All, making accessible travel better, so she knows what she’s talking about! She has Cerebral Palsy, which means she uses a wheelchair to get out and about to places such as the Lake District, Rome, and Miami.

Articles you have to read:

5 reasons to visit accessible Miami

Throwback post: Rome by wheelchair

10 reasons to visit accessible Glasgow

If you’re thinking of planning a trip this year, ensure you have the right travel insurance for your disability or medical condition. You can view our range of products here, as well as our favourite disability blogs from around the web.

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