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Winter Motoring Checklist

Driving in winter can be frightening and dangerous, especially when snow, ice and floods are involved.

Consider the following checklist to ensure both you and your vehicle are prepared for the wintry conditions.

1. Route Plan

Prepare in advance, including factoring in regular and accessible rest stops. Always allow for possible hold-ups. Even if you have a sat-nav carry a map or print out of your route – these can be handy if you are delayed or diverted and need to build in an extra comfort stop.

2. Anti-freeze/coolant 

Before travelling, check that your anti-freeze level is correct for the conditions – if insure, have a look at your handbook or ask a local garage to check it for you.

3. Screenwash

Make sure you have the correct concentration – in winter you should mix screenwash roughly 50-50 with water – and carry a spare supply in case you need top up whilst travelling.

4. Medication

Pack spare medication in case of a breakdown or delay.

5. Winter Clothing 

Make sure you have warm clothing in your vehicle in case of a breakdown.

6. Tyres

Check that your tyres, including the spare, are properly inflated and hold at least the legal minimum of 1.6mm tread. Also check them for any signs of damage. If road/weather conditions are likely to be challenging consider fitting winter tyres.

7. Battery

Test your battery, or have it checked, when the engine is cold. Ensure it is carrying a good charge and replace if necessary – cold weather can prove a challenge to weary batteries!

8. Lights

Check that all your lights, including brake lights, are working correctly and keep spare bulbs in the car in case any fail.

9. Wipers

Ensure your wiper blades are in good order and that your windscreen is clean inside and out. As well as improving general visibility, this will also help to reduce glare.

11. General Car Care

Before embarking on your journey, check levels of:

– Oil

– Water

– Brake fluid

– Power steering fluid (if applicable)

– Coolant.

12. Breakdown Cover 

Check your cover is up to date and valid for where you’re travelling. Make sure you can easily access contact details for your breakdown provider.

If you’re insured with Fish, breakdown cover is automatically included within your car insurance policy and the breakdown number is 0333 331 3803.

13. Fuel

Don’t wing it. You never know when the weather or an accident might delay or divert you, so don’t let your tank drop below a quarter full.

12. Emergency Kit

Always carry:

– A first aid kit

– Warning triangle

– Wheel brace

– Spare bulbs

– Waterproof jacket (ideally high visibility).

14. Mobile phone/charger

Keep in the front of the car and fully charged. Input your emergency contact details in your contacts book stored as ICE (short for In Case of Emergency).

15. Ensure you’re comfortable!

Before setting off just check your seat position, head restraint, belt and mirrors are set just so.

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