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Why Norway should be ticked off your bucket list

Norway has to be one of Europe’s most desirable holiday destinations. Simply because there are so many Norway attractions to see, and at all times of the year. If you love the cold and snowy conditions, then head up in winter. Or, if you want to explore the Norway beaches, albeit at a maximum of 18ºC, then head up in July. While there, here are some of the best things to see and do:

Visit the Northern Lights

Visiting the Northern Lights in Norway has to be the most famous thing to do in this Scandinavian nation. And it really is easy to see why. They are truly breathtaking and magical. Here are some of the best spots from which to glimpse the Northern lights:

• Tromsø
• Svalbard
• Trondheim
• Alta
• The Lofoten Islands

Take a train ride

Getting to see all of Norway’s mountains and other picturesque landscapes is challenging, simply because there are so many! Well, you can help tick more off your to-do list by taking a wonderful scenic train route through the rolling hills. In particular, check out the Divre Railway, which takes you all the way from Oslo to Trondheim.

Or, how about a ferry?

You can catch a Norway coastal steamer which takes you all around the coast of Norway, giving you some truly breathtaking scenery. Some trips last just a few hours, or you could take the Bergen to Kirkenes route which takes a whopping 12 days to complete.

A waterfall cruise can be the perfect way to see Norway
A waterfall cruise can be the perfect way to see Norway

Go on a waterfall cruise

The fjords are perhaps the second thing that Norway is most famous for. And you can take breathtaking cruises that usually last a few hours and which allow you to travel through the fjords and stop off at interesting landmarks along the way. In particular, waterfalls! One, in particular, worth visiting is the 612-metre high Langfoss waterfall.

Experience the midnight sun in Norway

The midnight sun is one natural phenomenon that has helped make Norway so famous among travellers. The further north you go, the longer you will experience daylight. In fact, between May and July, you can experience up to 76 days of midnight sun! It really is an experience unto itself, plus it allows you more time to see this spectacular country and visit its sights.

Hire a car and explore

If you’re not fussed on Norway tours, then one of the best ways to explore Norway is in your own rental car. This gives you the freedom to go wherever you want and get lost in picturesque fishing villages. If you do go for this option, then be sure to journey along the Atlantic Ocean Road. You’ll see ancient churches, small fishing communities and the famous Troll Church Cave.

The Vigeland Sculpture Park in Norway
The Vigeland Sculpture Park in Norway is full of magnificent works of art

Stop off at the Vigeland Sculpture Park

This spectacular park is the work of famed Norwegian sculptor, Gustav Vigeland. It’s the biggest sculpture park in the world with pieces from just one artist. Coming in at over 200 wonderful sculptures made from mostly granite or bronze. Just keep a close eye on the trees; they’re filled with creepy skeletons nestled away in the branches.

Head to some museums

Norway has a number of museums dotted around the country, each one offering up unique insight into the nation’s history and its leading artists. In Oslo alone, you can go and see the:

Accessible skiing in Norway is popular for those with limited mobility
Accessible skiing in Norway is popular for those with limited mobility

Hit the slopes

With so much snow around, it’s no wonder Norway is one of Europe’s premier ski destinations. In particular, you should head to the Lyngen Alps, which form a part of the mountain range stretching all the way to Sweden. Up there, you’ll have the chance not only to ski but also to go dog sledding, go on a snow safari and even see the northern lights! If you’re a wheelchair user, there are plenty of companies offering accessible skiing too.

How to get there

Depending on where you live, there are a number of different ways for you to get to Norway. Though it is relatively high north and covered in snow for much of the year, it is still easily accessible. You can get there by:


There are numerous flights a day that go to Norway, from almost all countries. Most international flights tend to land in Oslo, but there are more than 30 other airports available.


Ferries run from a number of European ports into Norway. There is a direct route from Immingham (UK) to Brevik (Norway) that takes around 36 hours.


If you can get to mainland Europe, then there are plenty of good quality road links that stretch up to Norway. Just make sure your car is fit to drive in harsh, cold conditions. If you are in the UK, you could always catch a ferry from Dover to Calais and then drive up from there.


Norway is an incredibly popular spot for cruise lines to visit. Norway would likely be just one stop on a number of different ports. This is by far the most luxurious way to get to Norway!


Europe is famed for its complex rail network that stretches all across the continent. It’s not that complex to jump on a route that takes you all the way up through Norway.

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