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WAV servicing and annual check guide

Wheelchair-accessible vehicles can be life-changing. With the right adaptations to support your needs, a new method of travel can become available to you either as a passenger or a driver. 

Whether you’re brand new to using a WAV or have had one for years, it’s important to know what services your vehicle needs. You also need to make sure you get your annual MOT to keep you safe and make sure your car is operating at its best. 

That is why we have put together this handy guide to WAV servicing and annual checks, so you have all the information you need to stay safe on the roads.

Buying options

If you’re looking for a new vehicle or a replacement option, there are a few different buying options to consider. 

The most popular choice is to take a vehicle on lease from an accredited WAV supplier. The cost of the lease is usually covered by mobility payments or can even be arranged by your mobility payment provider. With this option, any services or checks will be carried out by the supplier, saving you the hassle of finding a mechanic yourself.

If you take a WAV out on lease, any services/checks can be carried
out by the supplier.

Another option is to buy a WAV out right. This gives you the option of buying brand new or second-hand, depending on what suits your needs best. If you’re conscious of doing your bit for the environment, buying second-hand is recommended. It’s key to keep in mind that any brand-new vehicles will need Type Approval before you can register them and drive them on UK roads. Click here to read our top tips on buying a second-hand WAV.

WAV servicing

The best way to think of WAV servicing is that it’s very similar to a standard MOT. Your service will check that all parts of the vehicle are functioning as they should and change the oil and filters. However, any WAV needs a more thorough mechanical inspection than a standard car. 

During the service, the most important checks will be performed on any conversion elements in the vehicle. Your conversion elements allow you the freedom to travel whenever you like and are even more important to check regularly than the actual vehicle itself. This is in the interest of both your safety and the safety of other road users.

The manufacturer of your vehicle will be able to recommend how frequently you should have a WAV service. It is usually determined by the existing mileage on the vehicle or how long you have owned it.

WAV annual check

As well as regular services, each WAV needs to undergo an annual check. These are normally carried out by the WAV provider, who will contact you to arrange a time that is convenient for you both. The mechanics will come to your home address on the appointed date to perform the annual check.

This check focuses on the conversion elements of your vehicle. This includes, but is not limited to, any ramps, lifts, winches, wheelchair tie-downs and wheelchair-user seatbelts. Your mechanic will also want to ensure that tailgates, side-sliding doors, lights, and indicators are working as they should be. If you are the driver of your vehicle and adaptations have been made to make this possible, they will also inspect these. 

The main focus during an annual check will be on the conversion elements
of the vehicle such as; ramps, lifts, winches etc…

If you require any repairs on your WAV, the supplier will always try to conduct these at your home as well. If this is not possible, and they need to take it to their garage, they will be able to provide you with a replacement vehicle. 

If you have leased your WAV, the cost of the check and repairs is usually included in the cost of the lease. If you are with an independent insurer, it’s best to check their policies on covering these costs.

Choosing a mechanic

It’s always best to have your car serviced and checked by the provider. They will have the specialist knowledge in place to ensure everything is in working order and are already aware of your accessibility needs ahead of time. If you need to find a mechanic yourself, check that they are certified to work on your vehicle beforehand.

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