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Top 10 Wheelchair Accessories

Accessories undeniably make a huge difference in the lives of wheelchair users. Whether it’s yourself or a loved one who is using a wheelchair, in the long term these small additions can make a noticeably vast improvement to a person’s quality of life.

Something as simple as a compartment to hold food and drink makes the daily life of a wheelchair user just that little bit easier. If someone you love is in a wheelchair or you are in charge of care for a wheelchair user, it is worth taking some time with the person to find out what little things could help them throughout the day.

Whatever your specific need(s), this blog post aims to provide you with all the knowledge to find solutions and hacks for everyday wheelchair life. Here are our top 10 wheelchair accessories that will enhance your daily experiences:

1. Carrying cases

If you find transporting items in your wheelchair a struggle, you may find a custom carrying case incredibly helpful. You can keep on the move with the help of a sleek and compact carry case, that will allow you to travel in even the most crowded situations with ease.

2. Cushions

Many wheelchair users struggle with discomfort sitting in their chair, as the provided cushion and padding is usually not enough. For those with specific medical conditions that require extra support, you will find significantly more comfort by installing custom cushion support. Using wheelchair cushions helps to distribute your weight evenly and take pressure off your spine, leading to better-improved health overall.

3. Worksurfaces

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Installing a work surface tray allows wheelchair users to stay busy even when in their chairs. This means you can continue to enjoy hobbies and complete daily tasks with ease. The trays can be attached to a manual or power wheelchair, to encourage activity for all.

4. Cupholders

The simple luxury of having a drink on hand at all times is often overlooked for wheelchair users. You may require water to take your medications or simply want a nice hot drink with you on a cold day, and having no free surface or assistance can prove tricky. Installing a secure cup holder is a little step that will make a huge difference when completing activities.

5. Gloves

If you are a manual-type wheelchair user, providing comfort and extra padding for your hands is vital to avoid injury. Utilising a pair of gloves will help to prevent any skin irritation and blisters caused by wheeling yourself around. Invest in a pair of leather, fingerless gloves to provide a secure grip and to maintain dexterity.

6. Armrest covers

Sitting in a wheelchair for prolonged periods can leave you feeling sore. While consideration is taken for cushioning of seats, what is often forgotten is arm support. Installing a pair of sheepskin arm covers can allow for a more comfortable wheelchair experience, as well as help to avoid pressure sores from exposure to friction.

7. Leg Huggers

Leg huggers act as an extra form of padding that attaches to your wheelchairs leg bars. This added cushioning will help stop feet from tangling or falling off their footrests. Leg Huggers are especially useful for wheelchair users who have lost control of their limbs, as they work to keep legs and feet in place.

8. Organisers

Universal Wheelchair Side Storage Bag Hanging Storage Side Bag Holder  Walker Bag Wheelchair Scooter Bag Armrest Side Organizer Mobility Aid  Wheelchair Accessories Bag for Elderly, Seniors, Disabled :  Health & Personal
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Organisers that attach to your manual or power wheelchair are a must for those with a busy, active lifestyle. These organisers can be fastened on the back of your chain to provide easy access to your daily essentials. They are perfect for small items like your phone and glasses, but you can also find others that are a little more spacious to keep your laptop in.

9. Automatic door openers

One of the biggest challenges facing wheelchair users is opening and closing doors. It can be an arduous process, even for those with a decent amount of upper body strength. Automatic door openers can be life-changing in helping the mobility of wheelchair users. With motion sensor technology, automatic door openers bring the ultimate convenience to your home. This remote-controlled device will save you time, energy, and stress.

10. Portable ramp

Unfortunately, as a wheelchair user, you will always find places that are not compatible with your wheelchair needs. Whether it’s a shop that has no ramp access or a difficult curb it can prove frustrating, to say the least. You can now avoid situations like this by bringing a portable ramp with you. These lightweight and sturdy ramps can be a godsend in times of need.

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