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Steps to follow when your mobility scooter breaks down

It can be stressful to encounter mobility scooter issues if you rely on it to move around daily. It is even more frustrating if a sudden breakdown occurs whilst out. The scooter may have an unexpected problem despite regular maintenance. Being stranded away from home can cause panic and anxiety, but there’s no need to worry if it is covered by mobility scooter insurance. Here is what to do when your mobility scooter breaks down.

Step 1. Take a deep breath and follow the emergency plan

It is normal to feel helpless, but you don’t need to worry too much. That’s why you need an emergency plan to save the situation in the shortest time possible. Start by calling a loved one or a friend for assistance. So, always have several emergency contacts on your phonebook and have it all the time. Ensure that the people on the list know you have chosen them to be part of your emergency plan. It is worth adding people with vans or SUVs that can carry a mobility scooter.

Step 2. Save your time

Having managed your anxiety, it is time to act quickly. Examine the situation and seek help immediately, even from a stranger. This can go a long way before a loved one, or a friend arrives. If your mobility scooter has a joystick, check whether you accidentally locked it. You can follow the manual to unlock it if you are unsure of your scooter model.

You may not be able to revive the mobility scooter, so you have to switch to manual mode. We recommend you familiarise yourself with the locking system of your scooter. Check for a free-wheel level in the back to disconnect the braking system. This step is vital in case of a motor problem or the batteries run out.

Step 3. Call the recovery service

You’re only a phone call away from the recovery service, which is available 24/7. Our Extra policy holders are eligible for Fish Mobility Rescue, which includes either recovery to your home, UK holiday accommodation or local repairer if the destination is under 10 miles away. We have designed our Mobility Scooter Insurance cover to make sure that both you, and your vehicle are taken care of. We provide our Lite & Standard policy holders with a ‘get-you-home allowance’ of up to £100 per breakdown to make sure you can get home safely in the event of a breakdown. Learn more here.

Step 4. Make a claim

Contact your mobility scooter insurer as soon as possible. Be sure to follow the instructions they provided when you bought the cover. Should any complications arise, let a representative guide you every step of the way. Mobility insurance plans differ significantly and generally cover the following aspects;

  • Breakdown cover pays for all UK breakdowns and guarantees assistance during an accident. A breakdown cover may include recovery at your home.
  • Puncture care caters to tyre puncture repair.
  • Third-party liability covers potential injuries to another individual or accidental damage to their property.

Typically, losing your mobility scooter keys is considered negligence, so you will not be covered for it. Other issues that cannot be compensated include scooters immersed in water, mud, sand, or snow. Also, unattended mobility scooters that break down often do not receive any attention from the recovery crew.

Always bear in mind unattended mobility scooters that breakdown may not
receive any attention from your breakdown recovery service.

Get a mobility scooter insurance policy

Though not mandatory, registering with a specialist mobility insurance company ensures that you can meet repair costs when the unexpected happens. A scooter is fundamental to your daily transport, so having the right cover is critical. Here at Fish Insurance, our Mobility Scooter cover is designed to meet the needs of those looking to insure their scooter against loss or damage and protect themselves against third-party liability claims. Click here for more information.

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