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Life Insurance

Providing Life Insurance to help more people with disabilities and pre-existing medical conditions arrange cover for financial security and peace of mind.

Life Insurance from Fish Insurance

If you’re a little older, or living with a pre-existing medical condition or disability, finding suitable Life Insurance can sometimes prove a bit of a challenge.

If you haven’t tried to obtain cover since your diagnosis you may be wondering what cover is available, or if cover will be too expensive or declined. Our Life Insurance could give you the financial security and peace of mind you need for yourself or your dependants.

Fish Insurance has partnered with sister company, PIB Employee Benefits, to provide you with access to the Life Insurance market. PIB’s friendly and professional team will be on hand to guide you every step of the way, making sure that the process is clearly explained and that you have the power to choose the cover that’s right for you.

For further information, or to discuss a quotation, call  0333 305 1360

Key benefits at a glance

Our Term Life Insurance will cover you for a fixed period

In the event of your death, Life Insurance can help pay off debts such as your mortgage or any unsecured borrowing

Provide financial security for any dependants you may have:
•   Leave funds for any dependants that act as your carer
•   Provide a sum of money to assist any children or grandchildren through higher education

Leave money to pay for funeral expenses

Friendly and professional UK-based team, here to guide you through the process and make getting Life Insurance simple!

If you already have life insurance that protects your payments or links to a mortgage, you can top this up with cover from Fish so you don’t have to cancel your existing insurance.

For further information, or to discuss a quotation,
call on 0333 305 1360*

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    Are you struggling to find Life Insurance that meets your needs? Watch our video here!

    Life Insurance from Fish could give you the financial security and peace of mind you need, particularly if you have been diagnosed with a medical condition or disability.

    Our sister company, PIB Employee Benefits, has a friendly team on hand who will guide you through the quote process and ensure you obtain the right level of cover.

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*Fish Insurance have partnered with our sister company PIB Employee Benefits to provide Life Insurance

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