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Mobility scooter guide – getting ready for spring

As we set off into spring, and the weather warms up, many people will be getting out and about more. You may be a seasonal mobility scooter user or an all-weather venturer. We have some top tips to help you to stay safe and mobile.

Mobility Scooter Battery Care

If you haven’t used your mobility scooter battery for a while, it’s worth making sure it’s fully charged. Batteries do discharge over time and it’s worth being sure that the battery is full before setting off.

It’s also worth checking that your battery connections are clean. They should also not be corroded or obstructed. This is especially important if you have stored the scooter for some time over the winter months.

Checking your scooter tyres

It’s important to check your tyres before going out. If they’re inflatable, consider checking they are at the right pressure level. Check the manufacturer’s instructions before doing this. You should also check the tyre treads are in line with the specifications provided in the manual.

Fish Insurance offers mobility scooter tyre puncture repair cover. This is an optional extra you can buy to cover the cost and callout fee when you have a puncture. It’s worth noting that no cover is provided for tyres that have been used whilst already punctured.

For info on our breakdown and tyre cover options; click here, where can get a quote, or contact us to find out more.

How do I check my mobility scooter brakes?

Brakes should be checked every time you head out. Make sure that you’re able to use them in 2 ways. Firmly and sharply, plus slowly and steadily. Imagine this as an emergency stop, followed by a slow descent downhill. Always make sure to familiarise yourself with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Indicators and lighting

Checking mobility scooter lights can be quick and easy. Most lights such as headlamps, taillights and indicators can be tested by yourself. Simply turn them on and have a quick walk around the scooter checking for any dead lights or issues. It’s also a good idea to check they’re clean and unobstructed.

Brake lights can be tricky as you’ll need to be holding and looking at the same time. Unless you’re a contortionist, it’s a good idea to sit on board, use the brakes and get someone else to look for you. Alternatively, you could use a mirror or reflective surface.

Check your lights regularly to make sure you’re visible

What is a Mobility Scooter service?

It’s worth having your scooter regularly serviced by a professional. They should check things like:

  • brakes
  • battery health
  • steering
  • wheels
  • tyres
  • joints
  • moving parts

…and plenty more. This will keep your scooter in shape and help you to avoid breakdowns or accidents.

Talk to your local dealers or manufacturer for a recommendation. Or you can always search the web – try searching ‘Mobility Scooter Service near me’.

Take a test drive

When vehicles have been sitting for some time, potential faults can start to unravel. It’s a good idea to have a test run on your scooter before going too far. Stay close to home, and ask someone to join you if possible. This way, if an underlying fault arises, you’ll be in the best position to handle this.

Have a short run near home before heading out on longer journeys.

Do I need Mobility Scooter Insurance?

Insurance isn’t compulsory for scooters. But it’s worth investigating the options available to you. You may already have a policy, is it due for renewal? Do you have the right cover? It’s worth checking that you’re correctly covered, to avoid any surprises.

By choosing a specialist insurance provider, you can find cover for a range of things. These include damage, theft, and liability. Cover will vary across the board. So, it’s important that you review the policy documents before deciding.

At Fish, we offer 3 different policy levels for our customers. Lite, Standard and Extra. To see if our policies are right for you, visit our scooter insurance page for more info. Our team of experts is also on hand to talk you through our options.

Mobility Scooter Breakdown cover

If you have one, it’s likely that you’ll have considered or purchased a breakdown policy for your car. Mobility Scooters are also capable of breaking down and having the occasional fault. If you’d like to consider cover, our Extra level policy provides you with breakdown cover as standard. To find out more about what’s covered in this policy click here.

If you feel you don’t require breakdown cover, our Lite and Standard insurance policies will also give you a potential option.

Review your emergency plan

It’s always worth knowing what you should do if your Mobility Scooter has a breakdown. You can read our guide on Steps to Follow When Your Mobility Scooter Breaks Down to get you started.

We also suggest that you review your emergency contacts. Do you feel you have enough people? Has anyone changed their number? Improve your chances of having a knight in shining armour by having as many as possible.

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