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HR help if you employ a carer

Having a carer or personal assistant (PA) around can help you to live an independent life in your own home. Employing a carer or PA directly has many positives, including being able to choose who cares for you, and the tasks they carry out. But, it also means that you legally become their employer – a title that brings challenges of its own.

As an employer, you’ll need to understand things like contracts and holiday pay. This can seem daunting at first. However, if you’re covered by our Independent Living Insurance policy, you will get access to a 24-hour help and advice line provided by Peninsula, the UK’s leading specialist Employment Law, HR, and Health & Safety service.

Peninsula also offer free webinars to provide you with information about many aspects of being an employer. Below are details of some upcoming webinars, along with details of how to sign up.

Performance Management
Thursday 16th March at 14:00
A web-based training session which will cover what you should do if you have concerns regarding an employee’s performance, how you identify whether an employee’s poor performance is due to Conduct or Capability, and the areas you should focus on during a performance review.

What’s New in Employment Law
Tuesday 21st March at 11:00
Thursday 23rd March at 15:00
A web-based training session which will cover the changes in Employment Law that have taken place recently, the changes that are coming up, and how these changes will affect employers.

Handling Disciplinary & Dismissal Processes
Tuesday 4th April at 15:30
Thursday 8th June at 12:30
Employment Tribunals want you to stick to the ACAS Code of Practice on Disciplinary Procedures. A web-based training session where you can learn the principles and keep away from unfair dismissal.

Contracts of Employment – The Basics
Wednesday 12th April at 11:00
Monday 15th May at 11:00

A web-based training session that will help you get off to a good start when employing someone new, cementing the core of the employment relationship by creating agreed terms and conditions.

Employee Sickness – How to Take Control
Friday 21st April at 12:00
Monday 12th June at 15:30

A web-based training session to help you learn how to deal with employee sickness, take back control and improve attendance going forward.

Recruitment & Selection/Interviewing 
Monday 24th April at 10:00
Thursday 29th June at 14:30

Finding the right person for the job is more than just pot luck. A web-based training session where the experts talk you through the process to ensure you’re starting on the right track.

Holiday Rights
Wednesday 3rd May at 11:30
Thursday 14th September at 12:30

The right to take holiday is more complicated than you think. A web-based training session to ensure you’re aware of holiday entitlements to reduce the risk of a tribunal claim.

Maternity & Paternity
Friday 5th May at 12:30
Tuesday 25th July at 12:30

As more workers look for family-friendly employers, this web-based training session will help you become au fait with family-friendly rights.

Introduction to Redundancy
Friday 19th May at 10:00
Monday 10th July at 15:30

A web-based training session enabling you to remove the stress of these circumstances by arming yourself with the basics of how to tackle a redundancy situation.

Health Issues at Work
Wednesday 24th May at 14:30
We all know that a healthy workforce equals a happier workforce: this web-based training session helps you to learn how to manage health issues to reduce their impact at work.

Flexible Working
Thursday 22nd June at 10:00
Monday 18th September at 12:00

Did you know all employees can request flexible working? This web-based training session helps you learn how to handle requests fairly and deal with these in line with the ACAS statutory Code of Practice.

Basic Employment Practices
Wednesday 12th July at 12:30
Wednesday 23rd August at 12:30

A web-based training session designed to help you put yourself in the best position by getting to know the basics of the minefield that is employment law.


To register your interest for any of the above webinars or to be added onto the mailing list please contact the Peninsula webinar team at

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