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How to look after my scooter during lockdown?

With the cold weather still in force and England’s third lockdown still in progress, you may be feeling at a bit of a loss as to what to do with your mobility scooter. We are being instructed to stay indoors and even if that wasn’t the case, we are still experiencing bitterly cold weather temperatures. However, this might be drumming up questions like; how do I maintain my scooter whilst storing it away? Does it need to be insured? How about charging it? What about when I want to go out again? Not to worry! Our latest guide provides our top tips for looking after your scooter during lockdown.


How do I maintain it?

The most important thing to consider when it comes to maintaining your scooter is where you store it. Naturally, this will differ from person to person depending on your own personal living situation, however, always aim to find storage space that is easily accessible and in a dry place away from considerable temperature variations, both cold and hot. Your scooter should not be exposed to the elements as they are not waterproof and even under a protective cover they may still suffer from extreme temperatures.

A garage or a shed is the best place for your mobility scooter to live and it is an added bonus if you can gain access to electricity in these storage places, so you can charge your batteries every so often. Obviously, if the easiest option is for you to store your scooter in your house that is also fine, but always make sure it is not a fire safety hazard by blocking the doors in your house. Finally, wherever you store your scooter make sure it is locked away, out of sight from others.

As with any vehicle, it is important to ensure it is maintained properly so that it is always safe and in working order. You should have a regular maintenance schedule and then also check-ups on an ad-hoc basis should your vehicle feel as though it is not operating efficiently. Therefore, whilst your scooter is stored away this is a good time to perform checks. From tyre heath & pressure checks to ensuring all your lights are working properly, making sure everything is working as it should gives you the peace of mind that by the time you’re back on the road, your scooter is good to go. Click here to learn more about our top care tips for your scooter during winter.

What about charging my scooter?

When considering your scooter’s batteries, you should make sure that you keep the vehicle as clean as possible and do all you can to keep the battery in the most pristine order. This will help with the battery’s life. You should maintain a regular charging cycle even if you are not using your mobility scooter. This also helps to keep the batteries healthy and maintain their lifespan and capacity for as long as possible. We recommend putting your mobility scooter on charge at least once a month and for between 8-10 hours.

Does my scooter need to be insured during lockdown?

Although you might not be out and about on your scooter as much, it is important to make sure your vehicle is still insured. Our comprehensive Mobility Scooter Insurance covers you for things like accidental damage, third-party liability, theft, and personal accident (you can find out exactly what you’re covered for, and any limitations or exclusions that apply by clicking here.) Therefore should anything happen to your scooter whilst its being stored away, you know it is still completely protected. Your scooter may be tucked away safely and securely, however unfortunately you never know what could happen, so why not give yourself peace of mind? And remember, lockdown isn’t going to last forever!

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What happens when I want to start going out and about again?

Once lockdown comes to an end and we are all a lot more mobile again, if you have followed this guide, your scooter will be good to go! Well maintained, proper checks completed, fully charged, and safely insured. For our full guide on getting back on the road following lockdown, click here.

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