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How to choose the right mobility scooter for you

Mobility scooters help many people to maintain independent living, but to be effective, they must be reliable and suited to individual needs.

The features on mobility scooters vary widely and they are each capable of different things, so the type of scooter you’ll need will depend on what you’ll be using it for.

Here are some important things to consider when choosing a mobility scooter:

What do you need it for?

The biggest thing to think about when buying a mobility scooter is what exactly you’ll be using it for. Smaller mobility scooters are ideal for driving on pavements, are suitable for travelling shorter distances and are capable of being dismantled for transportation in a vehicle, or for indoor storage. This type of mobility scooter is also ideal for travelling on public transportation.

Will you be using your mobility scooter on the pavement or road?
Will you be using your mobility scooter on the pavement or road?

Medium to large mobility scooters are capable of longer distances and many are suitable for use on public roads, providing the vehicle is taxed. This type of mobility scooter has a longer battery life and can travel up to 30 miles. It is likely that this type of scooter will not dismantle and will therefore be difficult to store and transport. A garage will usually be required for safe storage of these vehicles. Medium to large sized mobility scooters tend to be a user’s primary source of transport and a car is not usually necessary.

Can you give it a test drive?

You should treat your mobility scooter like you would a car, especially if it’s going to be your primary form of transportation. Any good retailer will allow you to test drive a scooter before you buy it. By test driving, you can make sure you’re happy with things like the controls, the amount of leg room, the back support, the safety features and the overall comfort of the vehicle.

Insure your scooter

Have you done your research?

Before committing to purchasing a mobility scooter, you should first shop around to see what’s out there and to compare prices. Finding online testimonials and reading reviews is a great way to find out what a company is really like and how the company treats its customers, as well as discover the quality of the products they offer and see if any customers have had any issues.

Does it have the features you need?

Accessories on your mobility scooter might not seem like an important feature, but they can make a big difference. Do you need space for other equipment such as crutches, or will you be requiring room for storing a bag or luggage? You might also want your mobility scooter to have baskets or accessories like extra lights, a horn or a canopy. These are all things to consider when choosing your mobility scooter.

Accessible attractions for mobility scooter users
The accessories you choose for your scooter can make a big difference to the
overall comfort experience.

Another important aspect of purchasing a mobility scooter is ensuring that you’re properly covered by suitable insurance in case of any accidents. For further information and advice, you can visit our mobility scooter advice and information page. For more information on our insurance policies, click here or call 0333 331 3770 to speak to someone from our friendly team.

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