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Fish Insurance Spotlight – Freedom One Life

Who are Freedom One Life?

Founded by a Powerchair user, Freedom One Life works to create next-generation mobility products with the aim to allow wheelchair users to live the life they choose. The Fish Insurance team recently met with founder, Alex Papanikolaou. We were so inspired by his powerchairs and passion for his product, we wanted to share his story with our customers.

Meet Alex

Freedom One Life founder, Alex Papanikolaou started the company because he found the powerchair market to be ‘stagnant’ and he was met with so many flawed designs and products that weren’t suitable for his needs.

Born with cerebral palsy, Alex has had limited mobility all his life. From a young age, he and his parents were determined that he would live a normal life as possible, he got his first powerchair at the age of 12 and started to become familiar with some of the short fallings in the products available.  

As he grew older and found independence, Alex set off travelling the world, in industry-standard powerchairs – that just weren’t cutting it for his needs.

Alex and his team worked on several prototypes, with over 10,000km of real-world testing. Eventually, the Freedom One Life Series 5 was ready to take on the powerchair market.

The Freedom One Life Series 5

‘Live the life you choose’.

The Freedom One Life Series 5 Powerchair is designed to ‘last longer than you do’. With 40km range, tested in real-world conditions – Alex and his team have developed this Powerchair to be a stand-out product.

12km/h speeds delivered by 660w high power motors are tied in with fully customisable drive-profiles. It’s designed to take on most environments you’ll encounter.

Low-pressure tyres and comfortable seats that come in a range of sizes give a sense of luxury as you glide around. While a 50-degree tilt that has a 30cm lift means you can adjust and position yourself – whether that’s reaching for something or having a face-to-face conversation with a friend.

The Series 5 is packed with many more exciting features – be sure to check it out over on the Freedom One Life website for everything you need to know about the exciting design!

Insuring your Powerchair with Fish Insurance

Fish Insurance offers specially designed cover for powered wheelchairs.

If you own a Powerchair or mobility scooter, Fish Insurance may be able to offer you an insurance policy to suit your needs. We offer 3 levels of cover, these can be found under our main product page here. These are some of the main benefits and exclusions:

  • Cover for Loss or Damage of the Powered Wheelchair up to the policy limit stated in your policy schedule. Excluding electrical or mechanical breakdown, failure or derangement, or manufacturing defects.
  • Reasonable Breakdown recovery costs. Up to £100 per claim and £200 per year
  • Costs for hiring alternative equipment whilst your mobility scooter is being repaired. You’re able to claim up to £5 inc. VAT per day for hire, and up to £100 inc. VAT per policy, per year. Any equipment hired must be pre-approved by Fish Insurance.

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