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2022’s perfect Christmas gifts for those with disabilities

There are lots of jokes about people getting socks, hankies and practical items such as ironing boards as gifts. However, the truth is that it can be challenging to find new and imaginative ideas for present giving.

It can be especially problematic when you are gift shopping for disabled friends and family. Do you buy something functional or go for something fun? Of course, much depends on their physical restrictions too.

To help inspire you, here is our list of Christmas gift ideas for people with disabilities.

Pamper presents

This category of Christmas presents never goes out of fashion. It may be particularly well received in 2021, after a tough couple of years! Examples include gift sets of bubble baths, candles and lotions that are perfect for enjoying some relaxing ‘me-time’.

Some people with disabilities struggle to get comfortable in the bath, so perhaps that could be combined with a special waterproof cushion for support or a tray that goes across the bath tub to store things within easy reach.

Pamper gifts don’t have to be ever-popular ‘smellies’ though. For instance, one of the most popular Christmas presents in recent years (for men and women) is oversized blanket hoodies or fluffy blankets. They are ideal for a cosy night in, or to get snuggly in a wheelchair for a winter outing.

You can also buy cushions printed with your own choice of image as a personalised gift that is sure to make the recipient smile.

Alternatively, you can help your disabled family member or friend to relax more by giving them digital or physical books that explain the best ways to enjoy meditation or mindfulness.

Online subscriptions

Bring a huge smile to someone’s face this Christmas by browsing the diverse range of subscriptions for a gift that keeps on giving all year round.

Subscribe to a magazine to give them something to look forward to each month. There are diverse choices, so you just need to find one that matches their special interests and hobbies. Or, you could buy them a music-related subscription, so they can listen to more of their favourite tunes for the next 12 months.

Online subscriptions can help you choose from a diverse range of gifts
for your loved ones.

Audiobooks are a wonderful gift for visually impaired loved ones or those who find it difficult to visit the library. Some subscription services offer a regular selection of audiobooks over the coming months, so they can choose titles that take their fancy.

Food gifts

This is another gift idea for disabled people that covers a wealth of possibilities. Someone who finds going shopping a chore due to their wheelchair may be delighted with a food hamper, for instance. Fill it with Christmassy cupcakes or chocolates if you are on a tight budget for a thoughtful, handmade treat.

In fact, the pandemic has helped to stimulate a wide range of new eCommerce ventures offering food gifts for all price levels. Check allergies and preferences in advance then you can source everything from retro sweets to the latest food crazes.

Practical and creative

There are perfect Christmas gifts for those with disabilities that combine both functionality and fun. For instance, arts and crafts tools and projects that can be adapted to people with differing abilities.

You can buy kits with full instructions, or the internet is packed with things you can make with a loved one in a wheelchair or someone with a sensory issue. Simply download ideas, then source the paint, brushes, stamps, oversized knitting needles, frames, fabrics, wool, paper or whatever else you need to make that possible. The same applies to cooking-related gifts.

Arts & crafts can be a fun creative gift for disabled friends and family members.

Your gifts for disabled friends and family members could be even more down to earth, without losing all the thoughtfulness you want to show. Choose retail gift cards so that they can choose clothes or other items online, or use their card in-store for an outing when the better weather comes.

Experiences and interactive gifts

Sometimes the best gift of all is time spent together. If possible, you could find a unique present that involves both you and the recipient having fun together. The arts and crafts projects mentioned above are a good joint initiative, or buy a new board game with the promise of regular visits to enjoy some friendly competition.

Concert and theatre tickets – booked in disability seating areas – make a great Christmas gift idea too. This provides something to look forward to during the cold, dark months when going outside is tricky.

Technology and aids

You know your loved one, and a gift that makes their life easier may be ideal. Technology is constantly advancing, and thanks to innovative product manufacturers there are lots of new ways to support people with disabilities.

With technology for every changing and advancing, you are bound to
find a new innovative technology present for those with disabilities.

This includes a multitude of gadgets and aids for the disabled, such as robotic cleaning devices, pain management systems and assistive IT software to help them use computers more fully. This is a dynamic sector, with all sorts of voice, eye and head activated devices launching or under development.

If you decide to invest in disability equipment for your loved one, don’t forget insurance! We provide specialist disability insurance, call us today for more information 0333 331 3770.

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