Travel Insurance with Medical Conditions

Looking for travel insurance with a medical condition? Struggling to get insured? Don’t panic because our travel insurance policy is designed specifically to protect people with disabilities, pre-existing medical conditions, including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, asthma and cardiac issues.

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Travel Insurance with Medical Conditions

Our travel insurance medical policy has been created exclusively to assist people with pre-existing medical conditions and disabilities. We know that many people who suffer from angina, high blood pressure, epilepsy, heart conditions or other health issues and disabilities can struggle to get travel insurance – and if they can it’s often very expensive.


Our travel insurance medical policy will not only cover most medical conditions or disabilities, but covers anybody up to 85 years of age anywhere in the world; it also includes a range of specially designed benefits.


It may be the right policy at the right price for anyone with travel insurance with a pre-existing medical condition.


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Independent Living Insurance Buy On-line Now!

If you are taking advantage of the government’s Direct Payment Scheme or have a personalised budget to employ a personal assistant then you will need Employers Liability cover. At Fish we offer two levels of cover including our Full enchanced policy which includes Employers and Public Liability Cover, 24 hour employment law and Health & Safety advice line and access to employment stationery plus many more added benefits.


In addition our experience means we truly understand your needs so that our policies are also backed by highly professional and knowledgeable staff giving you that personal service you desire.



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Disabled Car Insurance

Our disabled car insurance is designed specifically for disabled drivers with discounts of up to 35% for Blue Badge holders and the registered disabled. As a disabled car insurance specialist our experience shows that disabled drivers are a lower risk and that’s reflected in our own low price car insurance premiums. What’s more our disabled car insurance provides you with the protection and benefits that you as a disabled driver need.


We will cover most wheelchair accessible vehicles including vans and people carriers plus cars adapted to suit a whole range of disabilities. Our disabled car insurance will cover you or someone who drivers for you, the choice is yours.

So if you are disabled or drive for a disabled person, whether the vehicle is modified or not you can put the brakes on costly disabled car insurance!



Mobility Scooter Insurance Buy On-line Now!

Our mobility scooter insurance policy has been created to help you live an independent life by keeping you on the move at home and abroad. It provides mobility scooter insurance against theft, accidental damage and negligence claims related to your use of a mobility scooter or powered wheelchair.


We have been offering mobility scooter insurance for over 35 years, serving people with disabilities or mobility issues and provides you with the cover you need at a price you can afford. We cover:

To help you save time, hassle and money on your mobility scooter insurance we also offer optional extended mobility scooter warranties and two or three year policies.


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