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Insurance products for those with pre-existing medical conditions, mobility issues and disabilities

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If you’re a disabled driver then you’ll love our specialist motor insurance policy. We offer significant discounts for registered disabled drivers and Blue Badge holders.

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Travel Insurance
For pre-existing conditions

Looking for holiday insurance to cover medical conditions? Our travel policy is designed to protect people with pre-existing medical conditions.

Travel Insurance
For pre-existing conditions

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Independent Living Insurance

As one of the UK’s longest established disability insurance specialists it should come as no surprise to learn that Fish pioneered policies to protect those using the government’s direct payments and other personal budget schemes.

Independent Living Insurance

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Mobility Scooter Insurance

Fish’s great value mobility scooter insurance (and powered wheelchair insurance) is backed by over 35 years’ professional experience of serving disabled people and those with limited mobility.

Mobility Scooter Insurance

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Prosthetics & Orthotic
Mobility Equipment
Manual Wheelchair
Powered Wheelchair

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    For forty years, Fish Insurance has been providing specialist insurance in the UK , to those with pre-existing medical conditions, mobility issues and disabilities.  Today we’re proud to be trusted with looking after over 80,000 insurance policies, making us one of the UK’s biggest disability and independent living insurance providers.

    Every policy we offer has been specifically designed to meet the unique and specific requirements of disabled people whether they are looking to insure a manual wheelchair, powered wheelchair, mobility scooter, in-home products such as stair lifts and hoists or cover for a wheelchair accessible vehicle. We also provide liability insurance to protect people who employ their own personal assistants in the home.

  • Our specialist Travel Insurance

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    If you have any pre-existing medical conditions then you may have found it difficult to find affordable travel insurance – or even get insured. Thankfully Fish now offers a specially designed travel health insurance policy which covers most medical conditions such as epilepsy, cancers, high blood pressure, strokes, diabetes, angina and other heart complaints.

    Because it’s been created specifically to serve people with pre-existing medical conditions, our travel and holiday insurance provides specific benefits, such as the emergency replacement of your vital prescription medicines or carer. Offering great value worldwide travel insurance protection our policy will also cover all ages

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Earlier this year the American business magazine Fortune put forward an interesting proposition: is  the rapid advance of wearable technologies changing the definition of what it means to be disabled? It’s an interesting premise. In making its case Fortune highlighted several new products, initially designed as assistive technologies but which had been embraced by people […]

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A survey by the Association of British Travel Agents has revealed that confusion over the benefits offered by the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) extends to our own parliamentary representatives. The ABTA MP Holiday Survey found that nearly one in five – 18% – members of parliament thought that if they had an EHIC or […]

When seeing is believing leads to discrimination

Seeing is believing, the old saying goes. So where does that leave people with “invisible disabilities.” Frequently stigmatised and discriminated against is the sad answer.   It seems people have fixed notions of what constitutes a disability, drawing associations with mobility aids. If, because of a physical disability you need a wheelchair or crutch to […]

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