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Your Staycation Checklist

Although the lifting of the COVID-19 travel restrictions has been a mirage on the horizon for the last year, we seem to be creeping closer and closer to “normalcy”. Twelve months of seeing the same people and the same places has given everyone a sense of wanderlust, or at least the desire to take a trip further than the corner shop. However, it’s still looking like much of the UK is looking to get their travel fix closer to home.

Taking a staycation is not as easy for those with a disability as those without. Although staying within the country brings several comforts – such as the lack of language or currency barriers and the shorter distance from family and friends – there are inevitably still factors to consider no matter how far you travel. Here is our checklist of essential things to do and bring with you to ensure you can enjoy your well-earned holiday with an absolute peace of mind.

Calling ahead

While many larger accommodations will have accessible facilities already set up, those on the smaller end may need some warning to ensure everything is up and running in time. Unfortunately, not all providers are accessible, so calling ahead can put a stop to any worst-case scenarios.

Comparison sites like Visit England or Visit Scotland can also be an excellent way to check accessibility without calling lots of individual places. Alternatively, if you are looking for somewhere a little more private, then Airbnb recently merged with the accessible travel company Accomable and can provide a vast amount of detail regarding the facilities at each property. Being able to speak to the owner themselves is also helpful, as they can answer any other questions you might have.

Radar key

In case you’re unaware, the Radar Key is part of the government’s National Key Scheme (NKR) and can be purchased by clicking here. This key unlocks over 9000 accessible toilets across the United Kingdom, including travel-heavy places like pubs, cafes, and train stations. Ensuring you have your Radar Key on you during your staycation eases a lot of stress and can be a lifesaver should an emergency happening. When planning your trip, we recommend checking the Great British Toilet Map to stay aware of the nearest spots.

Spare medication

No matter how long you decide to take your holiday, it is always important to pack for two or three days of extra medications. Even if it ends up being unnecessary, knowing you have prepared for the worst gives you the freedom to enjoy the best.

The same goes for pants, socks, batteries, and anything else that could make unexpected delays more of a challenge. It’s always better to be on the safe side!


Running out of phone battery at home is irritating, running out on holiday is a nightmare. Make sure you have got a charging cable (or two) and a portable battery to keep communications open at all times.

Spare tire

Whether you plan on driving during the holiday or just there and back, a spare tire is always a helpful investment. Make sure a member of your party has the knowledge to change a defective one if called upon and a lot of stress will be taken out of the journey.

Insurance certification

In the event of an emergency, the last thing you want to think about is the financial cost. Taking out insurance long in advance of the trip and keeping physical copies on your person means that, in an emergency, you can focus on the issue at hand and leave everything else until later. Here at Fish, we’re proud to be working with travel experts Ancile Insurance to help you find the right cover for your trip. Click here for more information.

Portable speaker or headphones

Even without long airport flight delays, staycations can still fall victim to longer setbacks. Bringing a speaker or even just a pair of headphones and a smartphone can make the time pass a lot simpler.

Face masks

It is currently undetermined whether face masks will be a requirement once the staycation period begins. However, it is likely to vary from location to location, so packing some (for those in the group able to wear them) is the safest bet.

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Unsure about anything? Ask!

If it is important to your enjoyment of the holiday, then no issue should be left to chance, no matter how small a detail you may think it is. Whether this is regarding accommodation, activities, transport, or anything else, you are always absolutely within your rights to ask! It is always far better to get an answer now than to have to work around something later. You deserve to enjoy your staycation with total peace of mind, so do not hesitate to ask questions!

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