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Without prosthetics insurance you could be all at sea

Roy Wright, who had his leg amputated in 2009, dived off the pier in Pool, Dorset where he is currently working.

In its coverage of an incident picked up by many national and local news outlets, the Daily Mirror quoted Roy explaining how events unfolded.

“It was a really nice day and I decided to paddle in the harbour. I had my prosthetic leg on but I have used it before and knew it was fine”. He went to say how, having seen others diving off the pier, he followed suit, but, as he returned to the surface he felt water get into the socket of his prosthetic which then completely detached itself.

Struggling to return to shore Roy was then rescued by fellow swimmers but now back on dry land he’s reliant on a “painfully ill-fitting spare limb.” Meanwhile local divers have stepped in to try and locate and recover the costly prosthetic which Roy had customised with England flags.

The incident follows a challenging few years for Roy who suffered severe leg injuries in a work accident back in 1998. He underwent many operations over the following years before then suffering a fall when a water-damaged supermarket floor gave way under him. This resulted in him having his leg amputated below the knee.

He must now wait to see if divers can recover his prosthetic and, if so,  whether it’s in a fit state to be re-fitted. Without wishing to add to his tale of woe it’s worth pointing out that had his expensive artificial limb been protected by our Prosthetic and Orthotic Insurance then he could rest easy knowing that it was covered.

Launched in mid-June the policy covers accidental damage and loss worldwide and, for artificial limbs less than 24 months old, will replace them on an old for new basis. The standard policy will protect artificial limbs worth as much as £55,000 with cover for devices over that amount available on referral to the company. In addition it provides up to £2m in liability cover with other standard benefits including insurance for hospital stays, personal accident and assault.

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