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What to expect from European travel in a post-Covid world

The past year has been a tumultuous one for travel. While we would usually have had many plans over the year for long weekends spent eating ice cream under the sun in Venice, exploring the wintry sights of Iceland, or visiting the many art galleries in Paris, it all got abruptly stopped with the outbreak of Covid-19. And while there is seemingly light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccine roll-out, it is likely we are still a long way from the days of travel that we were used to.

Prior to the pandemic, back when face masks and social distancing weren’t even a thing, travel was a very easy process; you simply booked your holiday and your travel insurance either as far ahead of time or as last-minute as possible and hey presto, you were ready to go! Post-Covid, it is expected that this process will change and there is likely to be a few more steps involved.

What we might have to consider now that we didn’t before

While before we could just jet to pretty much anywhere in the world without a second thought, we will have to be much more mindful of where we go once Covid is over. Many countries are expected to make it mandatory to have had the vaccine against Covid before entry. They may also require special travel insurance to cover you should you get Covid while you are there. Rules with quarantining might come into place suddenly and it is important to factor that in. You might also have to quarantine for a period of time when you arrive in a new country and when you come back to the UK, so you’ll need to factor this into any holiday allowance.

How our travel habits will change

We predict that when Covid is over and we can travel again, our habits will change. Trips will be seen as more of a luxury again, rather than just a right. It is likely that we will see the rise of conscious travelling – where we are more mindful of where we are going and what we see and do. Instead of being reckless with spending or just going somewhere cheap and cheerful, we will carefully consider places that have been on our bucket list, or that offer something of value. After months of cabin fever from being stuck inside, it is also likely there will be a rise in national park or countryside trips, rather than short city breaks. With the option to work remotely being even easier than ever we are also likely to take long trips where we both work and enjoy the places we visit.

New considerations for those with a disability

If you do have a disability, it can make travel that little bit more stressful as there are more things you need to think about, particularly in our current climate. Some factors that you might have to consider including special assistance to help you through the airport and onto the plane while abiding by social distancing. During a time when there are less staff working in airports and they are having to make cutbacks, it could mean less specialised staff members. (Though hopefully, this will pick up again!) You will also need to speak to the airline ahead of time due to seat redesigns on planes to allow for social distancing. These might make sitting apart from others easier but can be harder to access if you have a disability. Click here to read more information on disability help offered by different airlines.

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How to prepare for travel if you have a disability

Travelling abroad if you have a disability does not need to be a hassle, but it is vital that you do the proper research before you go. You will need to research your destination thoroughly and ensure that you find the places which are best equipped with facilities that can assist you. When you make the initial booking, you will need to liaise with the Hotel to check that they have things such as step-free access to the toilets and main hotel areas, access to the amenities which are wheelchair friendly, charging facilities for any equipment you might have and aids such as ramps or grab rails to aid you. Read our dedicated blog – tips for travelling with a disability.

Travel in a post-Covid world will be different, but that won’t necessarily be a bad thing – there is likely to be a few more aspects you need to consider before you go! Make sure you get the right travel insurance and speak to your airline and hotel ahead of time to ensure everything is set up for you.

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