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Top tips on how to get your car autumn ready

With summer coming to a close, you’re probably getting yourself ready for autumn and the changing weather. Unfortunately, it’s easy to prioritise autumn festivities such as Halloween and forget other activities like vehicle maintenance. The change of seasons can take a toll on your vehicle if you’re unprepared. This makes it essential to prepare your car for autumn, especially as a disabled driver. You get to avoid any sudden breakdowns and costly repairs that your insurance policy won’t cover.

Here are some essential tips for getting your vehicle autumn ready:

1. Check tyre pressure

Your car’s tyre pressure can drop as outside temperatures begin to lower. Driving around without the right amount of pressure increases the wear and tear on your tyres. It also increases the risk of crashes, collisions and general loss of control over your car. Make a point to check your vehicle’s tire pressure to ensure they’re not under-inflated. It’s wise to keep the pressure at the manufacturer’s recommended level to ensure your tyres function properly.

Similarly, check your tyre’s tread for signs of wear and tear. If they’re worn out and damaged, you may want to replace them with new tires. This ensures they can handle any debris or other hazards that may show up on the roads.

2. Check the lights

During fall, days tend to be shorter, meaning drivers get fewer hours of sunlight. Having functioning brake lights and headlights ensures you can see properly when driving at night. Check the operation of all your lights, including parking lights, emergency flashers and taillights. If they’re any broken or damaged lights, replace them immediately.

You may also want to clean all lights to remove any grime or debris that reduces their brightness. This improves your visibility on the road for safe driving.

3. Clean your windscreen and windows

Since autumn comes with low sun, cleaning your windows and windscreen is vital to increasing road visibility. Use this as an opportunity to get rid of all the summer dust, debris and bugs that build up over time. Give each window a good wash inside and out, or have a professional do a deep clean.

4. Check your windscreen wipers

Your windscreen wipers can get worn over the summer, making it crucial to test their condition before fall. Squirt some water on your window and switch on your wiper blades to see how they function. If they leave areas untouched or create wet lines, it’s time to get replacement wiper blades. If they work correctly, wash them with water and soap to remove any dust and dirt.

5. Tidy up inside your car

While the weather is still warm and nice, give your car’s interior a good spring clean. You may be surprised by the number of unnecessary items in your car that create a messy situation. Check under your vehicle’s seat and in your boot and dispose of anything you’re not using. Driving around with items such as water bottles and cans can become a hazard if they roll into your footwell. Besides, no one wants to sit in a car with crumbs, dust, dirt and piled-up mess.

6. Make sure your heater/defroster works

Autumn can leave your windows and windscreen fogging up, impacting your visibility. This makes it vital to check the front and rear window heaters/defrosters to ensure they work properly. If they’re faulty, have them repaired by a specialist and if they’re worn out, replace them immediately.

7. Have the battery checked

If you want to start your car in cold weather, you need a fully charged and functioning battery. Without it, you can be stranded in a remote location or at an ungodly time for hours waiting for a rescue. If you’re knowledgeable about car batteries, you can easily charge your car battery at home. However, batteries can potentially cause an explosion or a fire, so it’s always advisable to let the experts do it.

Professionals can fully inspect your vehicle’s battery for any signs of corrosion or loose wiring connections. They can also check it for leaks or any other damages that may cause your car to break down.

8. Get your car ready for autumn

Getting your car ready for autumn ensures you can avoid unnecessary breakdowns when it’s cold. It also prevents costly repairs and replacements that may not be covered by your insurer due to negligence. Here at Fish Insurance, we provide insurance ideal for adapted vehicles & Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle’s (WAV’s) and blue badge holders.
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