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Top Tips for 50+ Cruise Newbies

The majority of people who take cruises are over 50. This is according to research carried out by the Cruise Lines International Association, who have found that 51% of all passengers are more than 50-years-old. If you fall into this age group, it’s as good a reason as any to finally bite the bullet and see what all the fuss is about! Whether you’ve found a cruise line and booked your ticket or whether you’re still in the process of making plans, here are some handy tips to ensure that you make the most of your very first cruise.


You should careful consideration to packing, especially if you can get hold of a firm itinerary beforehand. This won’t just enlighten you to the types of places you’ll be seeing when you dock, but also any events planned onboard. Take, for instance, themed evenings. It’s not uncommon for certain nights to have certain dress codes, including black tie. This should mean that you can pack exactly what you need rather than loads of speculative clothing. The added benefit of this is that you’ll have less luggage to lug around and can take it easier.


The world’s longest cruise ship, the Symphony Of the Seas, is a massive 1,188-feet long. While your chosen cruise might not stretch quite so far, it’s more than likely that you’ll be overwhelmed by its size when you first step foot on it. You should be sure to explore the vessel in all its glory, preferably sooner rather than later. This will mean that you can see everything there is to see at a more leisurely pace. You never know what treasures you might stumble across, so it’s useful to have these on your radar so you can start making the most of them in good time.

Travel - Cruise Docking
All cruise ships should have accessible boarding and disembarking to make life easier for wheelchair and scooter users


Your cruise will dock at several exciting spots during its voyage, offering you a fantastic opportunity to experience different sights. When this happens, it’s often in your interest to disembark quickly rather than wait for others to take the lead. This is because you’ll be able to avoid the rush as people head towards the most popular tourist attractions, meaning you can avoid the queues that build up at peak times. This is especially helpful for anyone who has mobility issues because your body will surely appreciate not having to stand still for long periods of time.


You should always leave yourself plenty of time when it comes to returning to the cruise after an excursion. The ship, of course, won’t wait for you if you’re late – so you’ll want to be firmly on board by the time it sets sail once again. If you don’t keep a close watch on the time, you could end up performing a mad dash to make it back in time. As well as this potentially being very stressful, you also risk over-exerting your body. With this in mind, always be sure to get back with time to spare so that you can once again sit down and enjoy the trip.


There’s little in this world more relaxing than taking a cruise. This isn’t just because you can leave your troubles on dry land but also because you’ll have access to a wide variety of treatments. The majority of ocean liners tend to offer the likes of facials and massages, with the latter being extremely valuable when it comes to loosening up your joints. This can assist you with easing any pre-existing mobility issues that you might be concerned about flaring up on the cruise.

Travel Cruise Newbies
Don’t let the breeze on the top deck fool you into thinking the sun isn’t strong – stay prepared for the weather!


When we reach a certain age our skin loses fat, becomes thinner and therefore becomes more prone to the harmful UV rays emitted from the sun. This is important if you’ll be taking a sun-kissed cruise because it can actually be difficult to feel just how powerful the sun is when you’re riding the waves. The cool ocean breeze can feel so soothing, but it can also lead you into a false understanding of the true temperature. Due to this, you should always wear sun cream, take breaks in the shade and cover your head with a hat.

Have fun!

You’re in store for the time of your life if you’re about to take your first cruise. Your age will be just a number when you’re living it up on the deck, but you should always make sure that you’re correctly covered before setting sail. For more information on finding the insurance that’s right for you and takes into account any disabilities you may have, be sure to check out Fish Insurance.

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