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Top 6 best value for money mobility scooters

A disability scooter gives you the ability to move freely. Purchasing one, however, can be confusing if you don’t know what to look for. While affordability is an important consideration, you also need to consider the build quality and feature set. Focus more on functionality and durability to meet the value for money requirement. With that in mind, here are some of the most cost-effective models:

1. CareCo AirLite X

At £599, the CareCo AirLite X mobility scooter is a great bargain. It can break down into five individual components, the heaviest of which weighs 14.5kgs, making it easy for persons with mobility issues to handle. The 10Ah battery provides a 7.5-mile range and charges fully in eight hours, suitable for charging overnight. In addition, the removable battery allows for charging without dismantling the entire scooter.

The puncture-proof tyres have an anti-tip feature and an anti-rollback mechanism that ensures stability and no accidents. Although the seat lacks armrests, it has swivels for added convenience and mobility. The scooter supports up to 114 kgs of body weight.

2. Drive DeVilbiss Scout Venture

Another affordable mobility scooter at £679 is the Drive DeVilbiss Scout Venture. It has a 4 mph maximum speed and an extended range of 30 miles after 12 hours of charging to full capacity.

Although it’s more comfortable than the CareCo AirLite X, it’s not collapsible. However, this shouldn’t be a problem since the scooter has excellent range, minimising reliance on your car. You’ll also enjoy the flip-up width-adjustable armrests for added comfort.

The 20Ah battery is removable, allowing for onboard or in-house charging. The chair swivels and has anti-tip rear wheels, making it easy to climb on, and can support up to 160kgs bodyweight. In addition, the front basket, removable seat, and fold-down tiller give you ample storage space.

3. Pride Mobility Go-Go Elite Traveller

The Pride Mobility Go-Go Elite Traveller retails at £900. Its design ensures stability with its low centre of gravity, solid tyres, and anti-tip stabiliser wheels. Its 12Ah battery is easily removable for more convenient charging. The battery requires 10 hours for a full charge that’ll give you a 10-mile range. The scooter has regenerative braking, which tops up the battery, adding to its range.

You can disassemble the Pride Mobility Go-Go Elite Traveller mobility scooter with one hand. In addition, its heaviest component weighs 15.42kgs, which is convenient for those with mobility issues. You’ll enjoy the wide ergonomic seat and spacious footrest with solid armrests. This scooter supports up to 136 kgs of body weight.

4. Abilize Stride Sport

Our first over-£1,000 mobility scooter is the Abilize Stride Sport retailing at £1,320. This scooter features a swivel seat, capable of carrying a maximum body weight of 136 kgs. It also features solid tyres with anti-tip stabiliser wheels and a detachable 22Ah battery with a 17-mile range.

The Abilize Stride Sport mobility scooter collapses into five parts, making it easy to store in your car’s boot. The seat has width-adjustable armrests, and the scooter has a front basket and back storage area.

5. Drive Envoy 4

The Drive Envoy 4 mobility scooter retails at £1,370 and offers style and elegance with its four colour options. Beauty isn’t its only quality; this mobility scooter has enhanced suspension for assured comfort and safety. The tyres are large, allowing for smooth travel over uneven terrain.

The Drive Envoy 4 boasts a 350w motor and two 34Ah batteries as standard, giving the scooter a top speed of 4mph and a 20-mile range. You can upgrade the battery pack to 42Ah or 50Ah, to attain a 25 or 30-mile range. The swivel seat supports a 160 kg maximum body weight and has width-adjustable armrests.

6. Veleco Faster

The Veleco Faster mobility scooter retails for £1,740, the most expensive option on our list. Its stable four-wheel design and sturdy build make it ideal for tackling rough and hilly terrain. It has a 100Ah battery that takes four hours to charge fully and allows for a 35-mile range, at a standard 4 or 8 mph speed, with a 16 mph top speed. To top it all off, it has powerful front disc brakes and reverse gear.

There’s loads of storage space, and you can order yours with a canopy to keep the hot sun and wind at bay. You’ll also enjoy the width-adjustable armrests, an adjustable seat, and cool red, blue, and black colours.

Disability scooters are a godsend when you have mobility issues. They allow you to comfortably move about and minimise reliance on others. You only need to pick one with excellent value for money to make it a worthy investment.

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