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Top 10 disability gadgets/aids for when on holiday

Heading on holiday when you have a disability can be burdensome, considering the adjustments you need to make from your regular home routines. However, you shouldn’t let your disability hold you back from experiencing your dream vacation in your favourite spot. There are lots of gadgets designed to help you carry whilst travelling, from easing your movement to assisting you in your meals. Here are ten gadgets and aids that can assist those with disabilities whilst on holiday.

1. Ultra-lightweight aluminium wheelchair

When travelling, you need to maintain a high level of mobility for easy movement from one point to another. The ultra-lightweight aluminium wheelchair has a self-propelled option when you need to push the wheels yourself to move from one place to the next. It also has an attendant-controlled version if you have a carer and makes movement seamless with no strain.

Both versions are great for travel as they are lightweight and fold up fully. When sitting on them for long periods of time, you can use a pressure-relieving cushion, although the bare seats are also comfortable and padded.

2. Pill reminders

The flexible time schedules make it easy to forget your everyday pill-taking routines when out for a holiday. Some health conditions require taking pills regularly throughout the day to prevent them from advancing. Luckily, there are devices to keep you on time for your prescriptions, and they are easy to carry along.

You can put them in your bag or even in your pocket. You can go for a simple organiser with an alarm to remind you when it’s time, or if your budget allows, you can go for an electronic pill reminder that holds away your pills till the set time.

3. Handy bar

Photo Credit: Ableworld

If you have mobility difficulties, getting in and out of the car can be a real challenge. A handy bar is, however, there for your assistance as it helps you pull yourself up when standing. It has a handgrip that you can hold and lift yourself while still maintaining your balance, so you don’t topple over.

It is super strong and can support people weighing up to 158 kg. It is also easy to put in the car as you can place it in the door latch or just slot it in the inner frame.

4. A folding commode

A folding commode is well suited for people who find it difficult to use a standard toilet. The foldable version is more suitable for travelling as it can easily fit in the car boot together with your luggage.

Most of them have a comfortable backrest which you can also use as a handle, adding to their travel suitability. You can place it wherever you like in your accommodation, such as next to your bed, so you don’t have to move around for long in an unfamiliar place.

5. Rollator

A rollator gives you the perfect walking aid if you can walk but find maintaining balance challenging. It is a wheeled walking assistant with three or four wheels, depending on your preference. The four-wheeled is more stable, and most have an integral seat in case you need to take a rest.

A rollator is suitable for people who experience fatigue quickly when on their feet or are at risk of falling while walking. It can come in handy when travelling for a holiday and when you need to move from one place to another constantly.

6. Shower chair

When away from your usual bathroom setup, taking a shower can be difficult, especially if you have to stay on your feet throughout. A shower chair can be your best companion when travelling as most are foldable and can easily fit in the car. You can adjust it to your required height and set it firmly in the bathroom of your accommodation.

7. Suction grab rail

Photo Credit: Wish

Suction grab rails help you walk around your accommodation when away from home. While your home may have grab rails installed in the areas you need support navigating, your holiday accommodation probably doesn’t. A suction grab rail offers you an alternative for these support rails. They can be easily attached to the walls with their vacuum suction cups.

Suction grab rails are highly convenient since they fit well in a suitcase and installing them is straightforward. They have two indicators that turn green when the rails are firmly attached to the wall, so you can rest assured that you’ve installed them correctly.

8. A hydrant drinking bottle

You must keep your hydration levels high during the summer months or when you travel to new, hotter locations. Staying hydrated is paramount if you have a health condition like diabetes, as dehydration could escalate your symptoms. A hydrant bottle is a great choice to maintain a constant fluid intake due to its large capacity.

It has a long suction tube favourable for those with swallowing difficulties or low limb mobility who may find drinking from a standard cup difficult. You can choose whichever capacity you prefer, whether 500ml or 900ml, and it comes with an enormous handle for holding the cup in your hand.

9. Cutlery

Managing your vacation mealtimes can be much more effective with the appropriate cutlery. If you have a health condition such as multiple sclerosis or have suffered a stroke that has restricted your gripping capabilities, hand strength or coordination, you may have difficulty at mealtimes.

Specialist cutlery makes gripping easier, and some even have finger indents for better control. Some also have a large spoon that minimises spillage when eating.

10. Doro 780x simple mobile phone

When on vacation, staying in touch with your friends and family for easy assistance in case of an emergency is essential. A Doro 780x simple mobile phone has programmable memory buttons that you can use to contact up to four people via voice call.

It has an ‘SOS’ button that you can click when you need emergency assistance, for instance, if you have a fall. The button sends an emergency message containing your GPS details to the four contacts you’ve saved.

Irrespective of your disability, you can enjoy a holiday at your favourite destination. These gadgets will make travelling more accessible, so you can soak up the sun with your friends and family.

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