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Slovenia: newly emerging tourist destination for beach and culture lovers

Slovenia has been an emerging holiday destination for a number of years now since breaking away from Yugoslavia in the 1990s. Slovenian tourism has received an even bigger boost over the past couple of years as it’s the birthplace of US First Lady, Melania Trump. The country is primarily landlocked and is bordered by Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. The Slovenia beaches are situated on the Adriatic Sea, but it’s also easily possible to head over the border to visit some of the popular Italian beaches and resorts when enjoying a Slovenia vacation. When you opt to visit Slovenia, don’t neglect a day trip to the beautiful capital of Ljubljana, as it’s a delightful, historic city which is great fun to explore for the day.

If you want to take a holiday in an emerging destination like Slovenia, you’re sure to appreciate all the benefits of staying in one of the most beautiful European alpine and beach destinations that’s not been picked up by all the usual tourist crowds yet.

What does Slovenia have to offer?

The country is a scenic alpine delight and skiing in Slovenia and climbing or hiking holidays have been popular with adventure lovers for some time now. Some of the popular Slovenia ski resorts include Krvavec, Maribor and Vogel, while the mild continental climate is appealing for hikers who will enjoy exploring the mountains, rivers, and lakes of this beautiful country. Slovenia lake resorts include Lake Bohinj which is situated in the scenic Triglav National Park and is a popular hiking destination for Europeans.

If you want to combine experiencing a visit to a traditional Slovenia Castle with a lake holiday, check out all the attractions of idyllic Lake Bled. Some of the established UK tour operators do offer lake and mountain tours and holidays in Slovenia. You’ll discover heaps of fairytale, medieval castles, fortifications and buildings in the towns and villages surrounding Lake Bled and also in the capital city of Ljubljana.

Slovenia - Ljubljana
The capital city of Ljubljana is packed full of historic and cultural landmarks

Winemaking is common throughout Slovenia, so vineyard visits are one popular tourist activity you can enjoy throughout your stay and sampling some of the local wines could help you discover treasured drinks you can source when you return to the UK. Younger travellers can still take advantage of Eurorail tickets to explore Slovenia thoroughly, while holidaying in Eastern Europe.

Slovenia holidays really do offer something for anyone, no matter what your age or ability. Families and sun worshippers will adore the typical Slovenian welcome offered when they visit a resort on the Slovenia coastline, such as Portoroz or Piran. Slovenian beach holidays provide typical Mediterranean weather and temperatures throughout high season, so you don’t need to worry about constant rainfall or clouds.

Slovenia - Piran
Historic coastal towns like Piran make for great family destinations

Typical events through summer months in Slovenia include summer festivals and fairs and the local cuisine is a delightful European mix that’s sure to appeal to English palates. Much of the Slovenian culture is adopted from its Italian, Austrian and Croatian neighbours and German is quite commonly spoken by the majority of the population. If you’ve already visited Bavaria and some of the principal German tourist destinations, you may well think that Slovenia is fairly similar, but totally unspoilt. So, take advantage of every opportunity to explore this remarkable country and learn about its people and their lives. It’s sure to be an eye-opener!

Getting to Slovenia and choosing where to stay

Slovenia tours are increasingly popular with older tourists and explorers and a number of coach tours from the UK are available, if you’re happy to travel by coach the entire holiday. One of the huge benefits of coach tours is you will get to see so much of the landscape and historic towns and villages while having the advantage of a tour guide to detail all relevant history and information. This means you will really feel you have had a true feel of Slovenian culture and lifestyle following your extensive tour of the country. Alternatively, though, you can book lots of different tours or activities for the day at affordable prices when you arrive in Slovenia.

Slovenia - Caves
Slovenia’s caves are a spectacular sight

If you enjoy subterranean adventures you really must not neglect a visit to the Slovenia caves at Postojna, these were discovered back in the 17th century and are one of the most spectacular and popular Slovenian attractions. Other Slovenian caves well worth a visit include Škocjanske and Pekel Jama.

A number of budget airlines offer cheap flights to Slovenia and it has already become popular as a hen or stag destination due to its picture-perfect landscapes and warm, inviting people. Drinking schnapps, floating on Lake Bled in traditional gondolas, hiking mountain trails, viewing the magical peaks and alpine aspects of this mountainous country are all experiences that should not be missed. So taking a once in a lifetime holiday to Slovenia before it becomes a popular package holiday destination is highly recommended.

Slovenia - Lake Bled
Floating on Lake Bled in a traditional gondola is a fine way to spend a trip to Slovenia

You will also find a lot of high quality campsites, local B&Bs and hostels throughout Slovenia and this type of budget holiday can really give an appreciation of the country’s hidden landscapes. Tie in a visit to Ljubljana at the same time and explore the city in a day or so, while enjoying the bar and restaurant culture of the capital.

As a newly emerging holiday destination and having its recent history within the Soviet bloc, you should not expect Slovenia hotels to offer similar amenities and facilities to those in established resorts in western Europe, such as Spain or the south of France. A basic Intercontinental Hotel has recently opened in Ljubljana, and there is also a range of boutique hotels. You will be able to check into local four or three-star hotels, though, and it’s possible to book package holidays to Slovenia resort destinations, offering hotels that have met the standards of tour operators.

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