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The only insurance policy designed specifically to protect prosthetic and orthotic devices

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Prosthetics & Orthotics

If you were born without a limb, suffered limb loss or a serious limb injury then your mobility and independence may rely upon a specially fitted prosthetic or prostheses.

Prosthetics & Orthotics insurance from Fish Insurance

Both prostheses and orthoses can be vital to living life to the full. However, they can be costly to replace, which is why we have introduced the UK’s only specialist insurance for artificial limbs.

The NHS will typically supply two artificial limbs – an everyday and spare prosthetic. However, we appreciate many people own more specially fitted prosthetic limbs which are designed to handle different activities such as driving, swimming or cycling.

Similarly, many people rely on orthotic devices to address neuromuscular and skeletal issues and better control, enhance or enable their mobility. We provide cover for everything from braces for the spine and upper and lower limbs to specially designed or adapted footwear.

Key benefits at a glance

New-for-old settlements

Covers any prosthetic valued up to £80,000

Multiple-policy discount when you insure more than one device

Includes up to £2m public liability cover

Covers your device for accidental damage, fire, theft storm and flood damage as well as third party liability

Worldwide cover including damage by baggage handlers

Call us on 0333 331 3770 for a quote

For a quote call us on 0333 331 3770

Answers to some of the most popular
questions we get asked about our prosthetics cover

  • Q1.

    I have an NHS prosthetic and one I paid for privately so I can continue to enjoy cycling. Will you cover both?


    Our insurance is designed to protect prostheses which are owned by the person using them. It will protect any artificial limbs which you have commissioned and paid for. We are unable to insure NHS prosthetics as, despite being fitted for your use, they remain the property and responsibility of the NHS. You should also be aware that if you lose or damage a specially designed NHS prosthetic it may be replaced with a more basic device.

  • Q2.

    I own several prosthetic limbs – will you insure them all?


    Yes, our standard policy will insure any prosthetic valued at up to £55,000. If the value of your prosthetic or prostheses exceeds this sum, we may be able to provide you with bespoke insurance. You can take out multiple policies with discounts when you insure more than one device.

  • Q3.

    What kind of prosthetics do you insure?


    We insure prosthetic limbs valued up to £80,000, including: - strap and suction socket devices - above and below knee prostheses - above and below elbow prostheses - prosthetic legs, knees, arms, hands, fingers, elbows and ankle joints

  • Q4.

    Do you cover cosmeses?


    Yes. This policy will cover artificial limbs and other prosthesis manufactured from silicone or PVC, regardless of how they are fitted.

  • Q5.

    Do you cover ‘bionic limbs’?


    Yes. One of the reasons for introducing this policy has been the technological advances which have improved the quality of prosthetic devices – and increased their cost. We can insure artificial limbs that make use of micro-processors, Bluetooth, gyroscopic sensors, and other technologies.

  • Q6.

    Do you cover orthotic aids?


    Yes. Our policy will insure orthotic devices such as foot, knee-ankle, and knee orthoses, limb and specialist prophylactic braces and spinal orthoses.

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