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Our favourite disability blogs from around the web

As well as being a really useful source of information, blogs are a great way to feel connected with a community, like-minded individuals, or people experiencing things similar to yourself. Here’s 10 of our favourite disability blogs which give us food for thought, plenty of entertainment and lots of inspiration.


Martyn has been named the third most influential person in Britain with a disability and is a dedicated disability rights campaigner. His blog details his personal journey living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which has included flying a plane and scuba diving.


You might remember Sam from her letter to a lady who tutted at her for using the disabled toilets, which went viral back in 2015. Sam has Inflammatory Bowel Disease and as well as writing about living with an invisible illness, she also blogs about self-esteem, body image, and loving yourself just as you are.


Tania shares personal stories about the variety of chronic illnesses she lives with, but she’s predominantly a fashion and beauty blogger offering advice such as how she styles her outfits around her wheelchair or crutches.


Emma loves to travel and is also passionate about her disability (Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy) being seen as a positive rather than a burden. Her blog focuses on reviews of wheelchair accessible music venues, travel and tourist attractions.


Renata says her blog is about “bog standard family life”, because “every family is different, ours just takes the form of a calendar filled with medical appointments rather than playdates.” Her website tells the story of three ‘SWAN’ (Syndrome Without A Name) children, and ‘one big medical mystery that no one has yet managed to solve.’


Conor sustained a catastrophic spinal cord injury while playing rugby aged 19, which left him quadriplegic. His blog documents his journey and progress while trying to raise awareness of spinal cord injuries.


Written by a mum whose son, Max, has cerebral palsy. As well as documenting Max’s every day adventures, it describes itself as “a blog about kids with special needs who kick butt.” She writes beautifully and honestly about being the parent of a child with special needs.


Self-confessed travel addict Cory hopes his blog will inspire people to start “rolling around the world.” His stories include hiking in the Amazon rainforest as a wheelchair user and getting attacked by a hippo in South Africa.


The Mighty is a community of people sharing real stories and commentary about living with disability, disease and mental illness. As well as having some great articles, it’s also a place to connect with others and has helped lots of people to feel less isolated.

 10. Sam’s New Wheels Vlog

Our last recommendation is something a little different. Sam was born with a rare chromosome disorder meaning he is profoundly disabled and unable to walk and talk. His mum, Jen, runs a weekly video blog about Sam’s everyday life, the challenges they face and the adventures they share. Sam and Jen are also customers of Fish Insurance.

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