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Mobility scooter users race for cover following BBC programme

It made for often awkward and sometimes scary viewing as the cameras interviewed and followed a number of British mobility scooter users. It also once again underlined the value of protecting both machine and rider with effective mobility scooter insurance.

It examined issues arising from the growing number of people now reliant on scooters – the programme put the number at 330,000 – and examined the issues surrounding the boom in their use. In particular it focused on how – because as disability aids they are exempt from the Road Traffic Act – their owners need not be licensed, receive training or be insured against the risk of causing injury or damage.

Now we and you know that most mobility scooter users are both considerate and responsible, taking good heed of those with whom they share pavement, road and shopping aisle space. But even the most courteous and cautious are vulnerable to accident.

The programme brought this to home with the heart-wrenching story of woman who caused an injury following an incident at a supermarket. Uninsured she faced the trauma of a civil court claim which she lost, leaving her with a bill for costs and compensation of over £16,500. The incident and its painful financial aftermath caused huge disruption to her personal life alongside a bill she says she simply cannot afford to pay.

As a company that insures thousands of mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs we’re acutely aware of the costs associated with accidents. Most of our claims are for repairs or replacement of the policyholder’s scooter following a bump or scrape with a wall or railing. But a number involve third party damage and injury claims and that’s when the bills start to mount.

One such case involved a scooter user who, when visiting a library, hit a chair causing neck and head injuries to the person sitting in it. Thankfully, protected by our insurance, the rider didn’t need worry about the £16,000 cost of settling that claim.

Undoubtedly The Trouble with Mobility Scooters hit a nerve with those of you using them to get around. The day after the programme was aired, as soon as our lines opened we were taking calls from people who realised the value of being insured.  They were no doubt worried about the possibility of even what might be thought of as a relatively minor accidents – in comparison to road traffic incidents – leading to high bills and court cases.

It’s worth thinking about isn’t it? After all our mobility insurance cover costs only £79 – currently £59 through our online summer offer – and offers up to £2m protection against third party liability claims.

For further information and advice, you can visit our mobility scooter advice and information page.

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