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Mobility Scooter Lite Insurance policies, Now just £38 – our lowest price yet!

Fish Insurance is pleased to announce a price drop of our Mobility Scooter Lite insurance policy. Not only is the price lower at just £38, but it’s our lowest price ever for this product! We’ve been listening to our customers, and know things are difficult financially for many of us in the UK right now. So, in order to help our customers, we’ve decided to review the price.

What cover does the Mobility Scooter Lite insurance policy cover? 

Aimed at Mobility Scooters valued up to £1500, Fish Insurance has built this policy to be straightforward for our customers. We’ve looked at what the minimal requirements we felt our customers have looked for and tailored it to offer something that may suit your needs.

We also have 2 more policies with more cover available for a wider range of options. This is to ensure you can pick a product that suits your needs and requirements.

Some of the Mobility Scooter Lite policy cover features include:

  • Loss or damage cover up to the policy limit on your schedule. This excludes any mechanical breakdown, failure, derangement, or manufacturing defects. Theft is not covered if the vehicle is left out in the open for over 12 hours, or overnight.
  • Third-party liability for any accidental damage caused to other parties when using the insured scooter. Up to £1m cover is included.
  • Reasonable recovery costs are covered. If you break down, you are covered for up to £100 per breakdown with a yearly limit of £200.
  • Personal accident cover if you’re injured in an incident that’s in connection with the insured items, up to the policy limit of £1500.
  • Personal effects cover if items are lost damaged or stolen as the result of an insured event involving the insured items. Up to the policy limit of £200

You will find more information on the Mobility Scooter Lite policy by reading the full Insurance Product Information Document and Policy Wordings which can be found here.

What other policies does Fish Insurance offer?

Fish Insurance also provides 2 further levels of cover. Our Standard and Extra policies offer enhancements of the Lite policy described above. With these policies, you can insure scooters of a higher value up to £40,000 with our Extra policy or £7000 with our Standard policy.  To see a full list of the available enhancements, begin your quote today where you can find a full breakdown of what’s on offer.

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