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Looking to compare disabled car insurance quotes? Read our guide first

If you’re shopping around for the best disabled car insurance quote then make sure you drive yourself to a good deal, not a potentially costly dead end! Beware that what at first sight might seem the cheapest quote might in the long run be far from it. So, before you buy, read our quick guide to finding the best car insurance quotes for disabled drivers.

  • Don’t rely on price comparison sites.  They’re easy aren’t they?  Just input your details and, et voila, the cheapest quote pops up? If you’re a disabled driver not necessarily so. Price comparison sites are designed for the mainstream and, to be fair, are good at serving your average driver. But if you fall outside their mass-market comfort zone you can fall out of favour. For example, adaptations such as hand controls may see your car lumped in with other modified vehicles – including ‘pimped rides’ – and that can bump up cost. Make sure to include at least one disabled car insurance specialist on your shopping list. Beware too that some price comparison sites may be unable to provide a quote to you as a disabled driver – they may decline or refer you to a specialist provider such as Fish.
  • Check that the cover offered meets your needs. It’s all very well looking for cheap disabled car insurance but, as the old saying goes, cheap ain’t necessarily cheerful. Look beyond the price and make sure that the policy you’re being offered is suitable. If your car is stolen or written off, will your policy cover essential adaptations that you’ve made to accommodate your disability? Many standard car policies won’t, relying instead on settlements based on standard list prices less depreciation – leaving you well out of pocket.
  • If in doubt, get it in writing. If you’ve discussed something – say the level of cover for a wheelchair adaption – and have any doubts at all, ask your insurance provider top put it in writing. This should not be a problem and will provide reassurance to both parties that your contract is properly understood.
  • Make sure you’re comparing like with like.  Don’t be tempted simply to accept the cheapest quote without checking first that you’re comparing like-for like. That includes the more obvious such as your adaptations and mobility aids being covered and that you’ll receive a courtesy car or mobility allowance following the loss or damage to your vehicle. But it also includes the less obvious. Some insurers reduce premiums by increasing your excess – the amount you must pay towards any claim you make. Now you might be happy to risk a higher excess in return for an upfront saving– but make sure you’re aware of that risk.
  • Know your rights. Be aware of important consumer rights. For example, the sale of motor car insurance is regulated by a statutory 14 day “cooling off” period. So, once you receive your policy read it carefully and check it’s offering what you wanted it to.  If you are unhappy you can ask for a refund. Beware though too that your provider can charge an administration fee – so it’s best to be certain before you buy.

* Want to see how Fish’s disabled car insurance compares? Click here for more details or to get a quote as a disabled driver or Blue Badge holder. Our cover is designed specifically to suit your needs and includes extensive breakdown and accident recovery insurance, including home start services.


Since we published this blog consumer watchdog Which? has released damning research covering the “tick box” practices of price comparison sites and called for them to be regulated. The association claims that sites can issues misleading quotes, did not cover as much of the car insurance market as their marketing inferred and that rather than saving money some people could in fact end up spending more. The BBC has reported that the insurance industry regulator, the Financial Services Authority, shared some of Which?’s concerns. The Daily Mail quoted Which’s executive director Richard Lloyd warning that: ‘Price comparison sites claim to do all of the work for you, but our research found if you want to get the best deal you still need to shop around or it could cost you hundreds of pounds.

‘Going to the insurer directly may also give you a better quote. We want to see tougher regulation and monitoring of price comparison sites to make sure they treat customers fairly and transparently.’

Criticising the “tick box” approach the Mail also warned it “can also lead to basic ‘one size fits all’ policies that could be unsuitable for individual needs or even prove invalid in the event of a claim.”
This new research further highlights the dangers of relying on price comparison sites websites and of the need to shop around and make sure that your disabled car insurance offers not just good value but cover that meets your specific needs and circumstances.

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