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Insurance for care sector providers

Wherever you look in the care arena demands are being placed upon people to cut costs or generate revenue – or both.  The ‘big society’ ideology is promoting the idea of volunteers taking on what have previously been state-funded roles. Services are being reduced, cut or outsourced.

Whether you or I agree on these measures is largely irrelevant: there’s a stark new reality to be faced. Already we’re seeing real changes with, for examples, a fragmentation of service support for people using direct payments. Faced with redundancy or forced into a more commercial arena many service support staff are forming their own organisations, as social enterprises or limited companies.

These changes bring with them new responsibilities which previously fell under the umbrella of a local authority or charity. Insurance is key among them.  Those providing care services are exposed to many risks, such as accidental injury, maladministration, financial or physical damage through provision of incorrect advice, failure to comply with regulatory instruction….the list is a long one.  Another reason why insurance is so vital is that when seeking contracts those organisations – be they private, public or voluntary –will be required by local authorities to have cover in place. There are also statutory obligations which must be met.

These are the reasons why, from today,  we are is putting our 35+ years experience of serving people with disabilities at the disposal of those who actually deliver social care, advice and support. Our new Care Cover Plus policy is designed specifically take care of those who take care of the disabled, elderly and other vulnerable people in society. Social care providers, charities, advocates, care homes, agencies and many others can now benefit from our extensive specialist expertise.

Care Cover Plus is offered through  Fish Corporate Insurance, a new division of our business which has been created to serve public, private and third sector organisations.

Care Cover Plus protects care providers and advisers, including direct payments support services, brokerages, agencies, independent living centres, care homes and voluntary groups. It provides tailor-made insurance solutions to protect against key risks such as personal accident, professional indemnity, public and employers’ liability and legal expenses. Other benefits include care sector specific risk management advice, free care and health consultancy and discounted CRB checks.

In these tough, tough times if you manage, direct or own a care sector organisation then you have nothing to lose and everything to gain in securing a quote for an insurance solution which is tailor-made to your needs. If you’d like to talk through your requirements and insurance risks you need to protect against, why not call our team now on 0800 088 3064? Alternatively for more details of the commercial insurance policies and services available from Fish Corporate Insurance, click here.

Please note that this content was correct at time of publication (11.02.2015). From time to time, changes in regulation may impact the accuracy of the information provided.

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