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How to cope without going abroad in 2020

As the reality of the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic set in, many of us are struggling to come to terms with the idea that it may be a long time before life is ‘back to normal’. With social distancing likely to stay in place for the rest of 2020 and potentially much longer, many aspects of life are set to change for the foreseeable future.

One restriction which is likely to hit the UK hard is that of travelling abroad; with many countries around the world setting 14-day quarantine periods for travellers from other countries, and airlines facing closures or limited flights, it looks unlikely that many will be able to travel abroad for summer holidays this year.

But don’t worry – there are other ways to enjoy your summer holidays from the UK. Let’s use 2020 to take advantage of the beauty and culture which surrounds us closer to home. After all, holidays are most of all about spending time with family and friends – and you can do that anywhere.

Enjoy a staycation at home

If you cast your mind back to your most beloved holiday memories, you might find a lot of them can be recreated at home. Holidays aren’t just about being abroad; they’re about giving yourself and your family the space to relax, have fun, and indulge in treats for just a week or two of the year. Kids especially can benefit from a ‘staycation’ at home, which can help to break up the monotony of lockdown for youngsters. Here are some ideas for planning your ideal pandemic staycation:

  • Take the week off work and schoolwork
  • Camp in the garden
  • Plan a romantic meal for two
  • Visit local outdoor tourist spots for your daily exercise every day
  • Order in from new restaurants every night
  • Set up a paddling pool and sunbeds in the garden
  • Turn your living room into a cinema (and don’t forget the popcorn)
  • Plan a spa day at home for you and your partner
  • Stock up on treats

There is no one perfect staycation; instead, you can pick and choose how to make your staycation suit you depending upon whether you’re in need of a fun family holiday or a romantic getaway for two. Don’t forget to give yourself a ‘staycation’ budget for food, treats, and toys to keep everyone happy for the week.

Explore the UK – if restrictions allow

There’s still plenty of time to hope that restrictions might lift in time for many people to enjoy UK holidays in 2020, though they might look a little different to holidays of the past. We’re still meant to ‘stay at home’ at the moment, but if the virus can be kept under control over the next few months, we’re hoping that driving to holiday spots within the country might be allowed before the summer is over.

If restrictions do loosen, it’s likely that one of the easiest ways to get away from home this year will be to dust off the camping kit. Campsites can quite easily enforce a 2-metre spacing rule between tents, as well as benefiting from the fact that they are outdoors and open air and visitors are in charge of their own accommodation and catering, which means less mingling between staff and holidaymakers.

Save up for the perfect 2021 trip

If staycations and UK camping doesn’t appeal, then there’s another way to look at this: you’re not necessarily missing out on a holiday. The money you might’ve spent on a holiday this year can stay in your bank account until next year, when you can either go on two holidays or indulge in one amazing one.

Why not use the money you save this year to double next year’s budget? And if you’re really missing international travel, you can start planning your 2021 trip now, to ensure it’s absolutely perfect in every way.

Explaining the restrictions to someone with learning difficulties

Lockdown can be particularly difficult for both young children and adults with learning difficulties, many of whom are struggling to understand why the restrictions are necessary. It’s important to be patient and understanding when explaining coronavirus in these situations, and to use basic and simple language as much as possible.

Leaflets like this one designed by Newcross Healthcare, click here, can be used as a guide to help you explain what coronavirus is, and why it means that we cannot travel abroad this year.

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