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Do I need travel insurance for a staycation?

Now that we have several vaccines for covid-19, many people are finally beginning to think about returning to normality. Having spent the majority of 2020 unable to venture beyond our local areas, lots of us are looking forward to being able to travel and take a long-overdue holiday. But travelling abroad is still some way off. For this summer, at least, most if not all of us will be taking our holidays in the UK.

Do I need travel insurance for a staycation?

Everyone knows that you need to take out travel insurance when going abroad, but there is a widespread perception that travel insurance isn’t necessary unless you’re leaving the UK. People regularly confuse travel insurance with medical insurance and because they will be covered by the NHS while in the UK, assume they don’t need travel insurance if they’re staying in the country.

But this misconception can prove costly. Travel insurance can be a beneficial addition for any trip, whether you remain in the UK or venture further afield. It is important to understand precisely what travel insurance is for and the potential consequences of failing to take out a policy before your holiday.

What is a staycation?

First, let us be clear on what we mean by a staycation. A staycation is simply a holiday – or vacation – taken in the same country the holidaymaker lives in. Staycations have always been popular; they offer more opportunities than you might think. Brits don’t need to venture far afield to experience extreme sports, sites of natural beauty, or any of the other features that usually attract us to foreign countries for our holidays.

Why do I need travel insurance?

When most people hear the term ‘travel insurance’, they think of medical insurance. Medical insurance is important when travelling abroad but is unnecessary in the UK. Travel insurance covers more than just potential medical bills.

Travel insurance policies can offer a vital lifeline for when any number of things go wrong during your holiday. Medical treatment is just one of the many eventualities covered by travel insurance.

For example, if your planned transport or accommodation becomes unavailable, many travel insurance policies will cover the costs of making alternative arrangements. Similarly, if you must cancel a trip you’ve already booked due to illness, injury, bereavement, or even redundancy, a travel insurance package can often enable you to recoup your costs.

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Travel insurance can put your mind at ease and allow you to enjoy your staycation.

If you accidentally injure someone or cause damage to someone else’s property during your travels, some travel insurance policies will protect you from any legal costs you face as a result. Equally, if your own baggage or belongings are damaged while you are on your staycation and your home contents policy does not cover them, your travel insurance might cover their value up to a certain amount. If your belongings are worth more than your home insurance policy covers, your travel insurance can often cover the rest.

If your staycation involves any dangerous activities like rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, or other extreme sports, declaring this in your travel insurance can mean the costs of any damage to your equipment, as well as injuries to yourself, could be covered.

Finally, if you plan to mix business and pleasure and there’s a work component to your staycation, some travel insurance can even provide coverage for lost company cash, damaged or lost work devices, and any alternative travel arrangements you have to make.

Choosing the right policy

Whenever you are shopping for an insurance policy , it’s crucial that you take the time to properly assess your options and choose the policy best suited to your circumstances and needs.

Before you commit to any travel insurance policy, make sure you’re clear on exactly what it does and doesn’t cover. You do not want to find yourself in a position where valuable equipment has been damaged that you’re expecting your policy to cover, only to find out that your policy doesn’t include those provisions.

Anyone planning on taking a staycation as the UK slowly starts to reopen should consider taking out a travel insurance policy. Whether your holiday involves potentially dangerous activities or not, injuries are always possible, as is damage to your personal belongings. Travel insurance offers a degree of financial protection against these outcomes and could make a significant difference should the unexpected occur. Just make sure you are clear on what your policy covers.

Here at Fish, we’re proud to be working with travel experts Ancile Insurance to help you find the right cover for your trip. Ancile’s specially designed travel insurance policies have no age limit and can offer cover for a huge range of medical conditions. You can find out more about what Ancile’s travel insurance offers here.

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