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Disability Friendly Travel Destinations in 2022

Booking the perfect holiday with a disability can sometimes seem impossible. There are so many factors to consider, where do you even begin? Whether it’s a holiday within the UK or whether you’re planning to jet off somewhere abroad you deserve to have a truly fabulous holiday, catered to you. The following article offers the top 6 disability-friendly travel destinations spanning from Birmingham to Sydney.

Within the UK

1. Canal Tours

Who doesn’t want to wake up to the morning rays skimming the water top, or eat breakfast alongside the most stunning countryside scenery as you snake through the UK’s canals? Whether it’s a weekend trip with friends or a family getaway, Canal tours are a beautifully different way to see the British countryside. While previously, boats haven’t held the most accessible reputation, a new range of Canal boats have been adapted to make for a disability friendly Canal tour. Exploring Essex and Hertfordshire through the Rivers Stort and Lee has never been so easy. Measuring at 67ft long, 11ft 6in wide this 12-man boat has a specially adapted room for those with mobility issues. So why not explore Essex and Hertfordshire by canal tour.

2. Birmingham

If you are more of a city person, Birmingham should be at the top of your list to travel to! Over recent years, Birmingham has begun hosting a larger array of accessible accommodation, attractions, and spaces. Disabled access facilities throughout the city centre of Birmingham and public transport, such as the newly renovated tram lines, make movement in and around the city far easier.

For city lovers, Birmingham is perfect with its many accessible
accommodations, attractions and spaces.

There are plenty of disability-friendly activities to do in Birmingham. From watching a performance at the Birmingham Hippodrome to visiting animals at the Wildlife conservation park there are activities suited to people of all ages. Or why not visit Birmingham’s most iconic mansion house, Aston Hall?

3. The Lake District

If there is one thing the Lake District definitely has to offer is breath-taking landscapes. The scenery around the lake district is perfect for a newlywed couple looking for an old English romantic honeymoon, or an adventurer with a solid appreciation for nature. Located a small distance from small, cute towns, and the hustling seaside town of Blackpool, there is something for everyone in the lake district.

The Lake District has a large array of disability-friendly accommodations, disabled-friendly bathrooms in most public area’s and also hosts several companies specialising in tours of the lake district for people with disabilities. Offering coach access around uneven terrain, and disability-friendly tours of Lake Windermere.

Outside the UK

4. Amsterdam

Amsterdam may be known for its winding canals and picturesque bridges, but it really ought to be known more for its accessibility. From the moment you touch down in Amsterdam, the airport has a special assistance team dedicated to making disabled passengers land and get through the airport as comfortable and easy as possible.

Travel - Amsterdam
Amsterdam is known for its beautiful views & picturesque canals,
but it should also be known for its incredible accessibility.

Travelling around Amsterdam is also not a concern as the cities network of trams are all disability friendly making it a seamless transition from points a to b. Even activities are accessible in Amsterdam. Amsterdam hosts the world’s only floating flower market, a beautiful array of flower stools, laid out by the canal. While on different levels, the Bloenmarkt has ramps inbuilt throughout for access to all levels. Or visit Dam Square, home to the national monuments and the Royal Palace. While the Dam square is on cobblestone, breaks are available in the Royal Palace audio tour where carers receive free admission.

5. Barcelona

Barcelona is another wonderful destination for disability-friendly travel. From landing, both of Barcelona’s leading airports are wheelchair accessible and very well equipped with disabled toilets. The staff at these airports have a high willingness to assist and make all passengers journeys as smooth as possible.

The city itself is also incredibly accessible. Barcelona offers a diverse range of activities offering landscapes from bustling cities to calming beaches and they have even been adapted to be better suited to disabled access. Beaches such as Nova Icària Beach offer beach wheelchairs, water crutches, volunteer assistance, some accessible paths, accessible showers throughout.

Barcelona offers a diverse range of activities from bustling cities
to calming beaches and they have even been adapted
to be better suited to disabled access.

Barcelona is nothing if not famous for its cathedrals. From the beautiful stained-glass windows to the alter and various chapels, this is a stunning building. And while there is yet to be disabled access to the towers, the cathedrals do offer free access to some disabled customers and companions.

Covid-19 regulations on entering these countries are subject to change so check all Covid guidelines before travel.

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