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Christmas gift guide for those with disabilities


It can be difficult to buy for people with disabilities or for parents of children with disabilities at Christmas time. You don’t want to buy a load of practical items while neglecting a little style and fun at the same time, so we’ve put together this handy guide of our favourites right now to give you some cool ideas as the festivities draw ever nearer.

Gifts for the fitness fanatic

Vibrating exercise bar

If your mobility is impaired, getting enough exercise can be that little bit more difficult. With many people making a resolution in January to get fitter and healthier, a vibration bar can be a great gift for your loved one. This Swedish vibration pole is designed to build up core and trunk strength while offering cardiovascular exercise.

Magnetic laces

January is the month of new gym memberships, so you might want to get your fitness-obsessed relative a suitable gift. If, like many, they struggle with tying or loosening laces we could have the perfect solution. These magnetic laces can be swapped into virtually any lace-up shoe and can make getting active a whole lot easier.

Gifts for the tech-lover

Wireless earphones

When December 1st hits, it’s officially time to get the Christmas tunes on! Wireless earphones are great for the music lover who may struggle to untangle cables. Wheelchair users in particular will understand the frustration of getting wires caught in their wheels and running the risk of them snapping. Something like these Lindy BNX60 Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones from Richer Sounds could be perfect.

Smart speaker

They’re the current must-haves, but smart speakers like the Google Nest range can also have really practical applications for those with a disability or mobility issues. They can play music, adjust the heating and lighting in the home or simply provide you with information from a voice-controlled unit. However, such tech gadgets can also be useful from a safety perspective as you can store your contacts and make voice-activated calls even if you’ve not got your phone with you.

Gifts for the adventurer


Trabasacks offer innovative travel bags which can double as lap trays making them popular products for wheelchair users. Each Trabasack has additional multiple uses such as turning into a rucksack, briefcase or satchel and has storage space for phones and keys and can hold a laptop or a tablet.

An ingenious mobility scooter

Traditional mobility scooters can be a little cumbersome, especially when out and about alone. So this Freedom ATTO model is one of the most advanced on the market and folds in seconds to the size of a suitcase, making it easy to store and move around.

Gifts for the glamorous one


If making a handmade gift is more your style, Hearrings could be a perfect gift for someone in your life. Hearrings is the name for jewellery specifically designed to decorate hearing aids. Hearing Like Me have a great blog where crafty teenager Ellie provides a tutorial on how to make a set of Hearrings at home.

Dressing aids

Dressing can be an arduous task for people who have lost use of one hand. There’s a variety of aids available at Essential Aids including dressing sticks which can help pull up trousers, shoe removers and button hooks which can make the job of unbuttoning clothes much easier. You could combine this gift with a lovely new item of clothing

Scarf clothing protector

Wanting to get a gift that’s both stylish and practical? This Scarf Clothing Protector has an absorbent layer and a waterproof backing, meaning it will protect clothing from spills of food and drink. And, unlike many bibs and similar garments, it’s super stylish for both men and women.

Gifts for kids and teenagers

Wake n Shake Alarm Clock

The Wake n Shake Alarm Clock is specifically specifically designed for those who are hard of hearing. The clock has a loud flashing alarm and comes with a vibrating pad which can be slotted under the pillow. It has a large screen with bold digits and can be either plugged into the mains or run from batteries.

Funky wheelchair clothing for kids

We love Willow Bug for its range of stylish and practical adaptive clothing designed for children with disabilities and mobility issues. The site stocks a large range of outfits which are specially designed to fit over wheelchairs and the heads, legs and arms for those kids who might need a little extra help. What makes Willow Bug stand out is simply their desire to ensure practicality is also stylish and dare we say it, funky!

Gifts for the big day

Automatic bottle openers

Plenty of us enjoy a little tipple in the evening, especially around the festive period. But trouble using a traditional bottle opener can make getting into your favourite beer a difficult task.

An automatic bottle opener, requiring no grip strength, can be a great gift for those who may have lost hand dexterity due to a stroke or MS. Active Hands stock one that could make a great stocking filler at under £10.

Tremor-cancelling tableware

If your loved one lives with hand tremors, it might make them reluctant to enjoy a festive meal with the family where they may struggle to use utensils. Aids for people with medical conditions that cause hand tremors or for people who experience limited mobility in their hands and arms have developed quickly in recent years.

Using a technology known as active cancellation of tremor (ACT), tiny sensors detect movement and trigger a precise counter-movement in the product itself. Liftware have one of the most extensive ranges. They’re based in the UK, so look out for UK stockists to avoid paying hefty delivery costs.

Let them carve!

Finally, this Easi-Grip Carving Fork is the perfect way to enable everyone to join in with carving the turkey on Christmas Day. The knife is lightweight and has a non-slip ergonomic handle for anyone with a weak grip or who would find using a traditional carving knife a little tricky.

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