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Busting the mobility scooter insurance myths

There are plenty of misconceptions and unanswered questions out there about all aspects of mobility scooter insurance. From those wondering if you need a blue badge to use a mobility scooter to plenty of people asking if mobility scooter insurance is compulsory, we’re here to help separate the truth from the myths.

Please note that many of these answers relate to those with Mobility Scooter Insurance policies from Fish Insurance. If you’re covered by a different provider, please check your policy documentation in order to confirm exactly what you’re covered for.

Mobility scooter insurance only covers stolen scooters – MYTH

People might think it’s not worth insuring cheaper scooters, as they’re not too bothered about the financial impact if the scooter was stolen. However, most Mobility Scooter Insurance policies, including those from Fish, cover more than just theft.

Benefits of specific policies will vary from quite basic third-party cover to extensive public liability cover and even things like breakdown. We offer 3 different levels of cover online, allowing you to choose a policy containing the cover that is important to you.

An insurance policy only covers the scooter, not the user – MYTH

For Fish Insurance customers, this one is definitely a myth. Our insurance policies cover both the scooter and the user. So, your scooter would be covered against things like theft and accidental damage, whereas the user would be covered for things like personal accident and public liability.

You need a blue badge to use a mobility scooter – MYTH

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a blue badge to use a mobility scooter! You’ll know if you use one that mobility scooters can be useful to help maintain the independence of a huge variety of people, especially those who no longer wish to drive, but struggle to walk any significant distance.

It’s compulsory to have mobility scooter insurance – MYTH

Unlike Car Insurance, Mobility Scooter Insurance isn’t a legal requirement. While getting covered isn’t compulsory, it can offer protection in many different scenarios. For example, if your scooter was to be stolen, or if you were to cause an accident by driving into someone and they made a claim against you for any damages.

Insurance will cover you to drive your 8mph scooter on the pavement – MYTH – Sort of!

This one isn’t strictly a myth as many insurers (including us here at Fish) will actually cover you to drive your 8mph scooter on the pavement, as long as it’s only used at a maximum speed of 4mph! You’re perfectly fine to use your scooter at up to 8mph when driving on the road and following the highway code, but the speed needs to be turned down to a maximum of 4mph for use on the pavement.

It’s important to remember when driving your scooter on the pavement
the speed needs to be turned down to a maximum of 4mph.

Only the insured user can drive the mobility scooter – MYTH

A bit like getting ‘any driver’ cover on your car insurance, any user will be covered if they have permission of the insured person to use the scooter. For example, you could take out the cover on the scooter and have all the documentation in your name but give your partner permission to use it and they would still be covered by the insurance.

Insurance cover will be invalid if your scooter is stolen after you leave it outside a shop – MYTH

This is a common myth – well, it’s a myth for Fish Insurance customers anyway! Under all levels of our Mobility Scooter Insurance policy you’re covered against theft if you nip into a shop and leave your scooter outside. You can leave the scooter for up to 1 hour without securing it to anything, but it must be secured to something if you’re going to be longer than an hour.

Here’s the section of our policy wording that explains the situation where we wouldn’t cover your scooter against theft if it’s left outside a shop:

Theft of the Insured Item(s) whilst left unattended for more than 1 hour, unless secured to an Immovable Object by a padlock and chain or whilst in a locked and secure building. Theft must be forcible.

Your scooter will be covered under your insurance as long
as you only leave it for up to 1 hour without securing it to anything
whilst nipping in to a shop.

Mobility Scooter breakdown won’t cover you for a flat battery – MYTH

This is another one that’s merely a myth for Fish Insurance customers. Customers with our Mobility Scooter Extra policies benefit from breakdown cover included as standard. This part of the policy includes cover for up to 4 flat batteries in each policy year. That doesn’t mean you should purposely neglect charging your battery, but that our breakdown service will be there to help should you forget or have a battery malfunction.

As with all insurance policies, limitations and exclusions apply, so please do read the full policy documentation or get in touch with us if you have a specific question about cover. All policy documentation can be found here in the downloads section.

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