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Boosting the morale of your employer during the Covid-19 pandemic

We understand that the caring profession are under an immense amount of pressure whilst working in the Covid-19 crisis. It is therefore important during this time that personal assistants and carers feel calm and at ease when at work. A great way to do this is to keep those you support relaxed and help them to improve their mental health during these uncertain times. A calm workplace is a happy workplace!

Here are our top 5 ways you can boost the morale of your employer during the Covid-19 pandemic:

1. Try to Maintain Normal Routine

The coronavirus has altered how many of us live our everyday lives, but that does not mean everything has to change. Make sure you and your employer keep up a normal routine as much as possible, not everyone likes ‘change’ and especially when its due to such unforeseen circumstances, therefore this can have a negative impact on mental health. Maintain structure to your employer’s day-to-day routine just as you did in pre-quarantine days. The situation is changing daily, however if there is consistency in your daily activities together, it will still feel as normal as possible and help boost morale.

2. Communication is Key

We all have questions during this strange time; When will this all be over? Will I catch it? When will I see other relatives again? Whatever the questions may be, they are relevant all of us. You may not be able to answer all your employer’s questions but keeping up communication is very important. Just hearing your voice will put the person you are caring for at ease, but if they do want to talk specifically about Coronavirus it is perfectly fine to answer to the best of your ability. As the old saying goes, ignoring a problem does not make it go away, so keep up communication between you and your employer. You never know a 10-minute chat could change their whole perspective and improve their mental health.

During these difficult times communication is very important.
During these difficult times communication is very important.

3. Music

Music can really help to lift all our spirits and not just during lockdown. It has been said music can provide mental ‘refreshment’ and therefore we choose music to match the activity we are doing or the mood we are feeling. If you are trying to boost your employer’s morale, why not choose some upbeat music to make them happy or maybe just their favourite song. Music can help to ease anxiety in general, so building a playlist of your employer’s much-loved songs could be hugely beneficial to you both.

4. Arts & Craft

Becoming more creative is something a lot of us are doing right now, not only does it help to pass time during lockdown, it is also a great way to stimulate the mind and create positive thoughts. If your employers are now inside all day when this is not what they are used to, encouraging creativity and new skills will help to boost their morale whilst keeping them busy. Fun, creative activities are a great distraction during this lockdown period and who knows, they might discover a new hidden talent!


5. Video Calls with Loved Ones

The hardest change your employers may be getting used to is not seeing their loved ones as regularly as they would like. With modern technology, this can be made a lot easier to adjust to for the time being. Video calling with FaceTime, WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, Zoom etc. will assist in improving your clients mental health and keeping them connected with their nearest and dearest. Even where employers may not understand verbal communication, a phone call with a familiar voice could still be beneficial. With so many different types of virtual communication, adapting to your employer’s requirements should be achievable.

Helping your employer video call their loved ones during lockdown is a great way to help boost their morale.
Helping your employer video call their loved ones during lockdown is a great way to help boost their morale.

The Covid-19 crisis will not last forever and hopefully soon enough we will all see a return to our ‘normal’ routines. Until this time, it is essential personal assistants and carers use different approaches to help make their time at work as comfortable as possible, whilst ensuring their employers’ needs are met.

We at Fish Insurance would like to congratulate all personal assistants and carers and say a huge thank you for all the amazing work you are putting in everyday whilst working on the frontline. #ClapForOurCarers

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