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Advances in mobility scooter technology

Mobility scooters offer freedom and independence, leading to improved quality of life for a growing number of people. According to the most recent ‘Mobility scooters: a market study’ report commissioned by the UK government in 2014, scooters are increasing in popularity, with sales of mobility scooters growing rapidly year on year.

This is great news for mobility scooter users, as they can now choose from an extensive range of models, to suit their needs and budget.


Advances in technology

Since the introduction of the first official mobility scooter in the 1960s, huge advances have been made in both mobility scooter design and technology. The models available on the market today offer greater independence and more freedom than ever before.

Manufacturers are continually investing in research and development to enhance existing products and introduce new models and features. Companies recognise that investments in technology can make their products stand out from the hundreds of other mobility scooters available on the market.

Every year, new models are introduced with additional features, improved comfort and greater efficiency. Many models are now more streamlined, lightweight, and agile, including foldable models that fit in the boot of your car. And in recent years, the market has even seen the introduction of the lithium scooter, which is incredibly light and can fold down in one movement, with a simple click via a remote-control fob.

There are also more heavy-duty models with solid suspensions to tackle rough and rugged terrains, while remaining comfortable and easy to manoeuvre. Advances in battery technology mean you can now cover substantial distances on a single charge too, offering greater freedom.



The technology and materials used are now much more widely available which means prices are lower than before. Plus, scooters can now be bought from a wide range of outlets providing customers with more competitive pricing.

With an increased choice of models and suppliers, mobility scooters are becoming more affordable. This makes them more accessible to a wider range of peoplewith both big and small budgets.


What does the future hold?

New technology is being developed all the time. Manufacturers are busy building prototypes and testing new technological advances, to further improve the lives of mobility scooter users.

Some models already offer USB ports and integrated tablets, and developers are looking at the ability to connect to apps and mobile phones.

In addition, research has been carried out by De Montfort University in Leicester and the University of Lincoln to create an electronic tracker device to monitor a scooter’s location. This could help older and vulnerable people to leave their homes without the worry of getting lost and minimise the number of accidents.

Nick Peel from KYMCO Healthcare UK, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of mobility scooters and motorcycles, said: “I have worked in the mobility industry for nearly 30 years and in that time, I have seen the mobility scooter industry become more innovative, accessible and more widely accepted by users.

“Mobility scooters and wheelchairs are no longer just about being able to get around in residential care environments, they have been developed to give people greater independence in their day to day life and in the comfort of their own homes.


Stay on the move

To maintain your independence, make sure your mobility scooter is covered with a comprehensive insurance policy.

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