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Accessories for Your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV)

Purchasing a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle, or WAV, can really open doors and provide new opportunities for independence if you are a wheelchair user. This is especially true when it comes to going further afield and travelling during bad weather, both of which can be made far more comfortable with a WAV. But once you’ve got your vehicle, customising it to your requirements doesn’t have to stop with the wheelchair access itself. There’s plenty you can do to go beyond the basics, even if you’re not keen on tailoring the vehicle itself.

There are a whole host of different accessories and options on the market to enhance your vehicle, whether it’s for cosmetic purposes, for practicality, or additional functionality. Here are just a few of the options out there that might make all the difference when it comes to taking your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle out and about:

Swivel cushions

For vehicles where you would like the transition out of your wheelchair within the car, or even situations where you might want to be able to turn more smoothly, the use of a revolving or swivel car cushion is the ideal compromise. These accessories aren’t permanent and can be moved as and when needed. But they are still highly stable and provide an additional level of movement for those travelling within a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle.

In-car charging adapter

For powered wheelchairs, an in-car charging adapter can be invaluable. Adapters can either be used for emergencies, or as a general day-to-day tool for those that are out and about often. Having access to a way to charge through your vehicle can ensure you’re never stuck, and the portability of many adapters means you can take them with you elsewhere too.

A charging port can be a way to keep your powerchair fully charged!
A charging port can be a way to keep your powerchair fully charged!

Badge wallets or holders

While by no means a necessary item, a blue badge wallet or holder can keep your disabled pass in top condition, even when it’s something you use every day. Many different styles, finishes, patterns and more are available for these holders, making them a stylish, and very useful, gift. Why not check out The Blue Badge Company to see the range of styles they have on offer? There’s nothing wrong with adding a bit of style to your WAV, and an attractive badge holder or wallet is an excellent place to start!

High-grip floor mats

It’s no surprise that wheelchairs can become just as dirty as the bottom of our shoes when they are in use throughout the day. This means that the inside of a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle quickly picks up all the dirt and mud that’s brought it. Having high-grip, removable floor mats, especially on wetter days, can be an excellent way to keep a chair firmly in place while also ensuring that the car itself doesn’t become dirty. Simply remove and wash when the dirt builds up and replace them to look like new.

Car Insurance for Adapted Vehicles
Car Insurance for Adapted Vehicles

Panoramic Mirrors

While the mirrors included within the majority of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles have excellent range, there are still blind spots that cannot be avoided. For optimal safety while driving, adding panoramic mirrors to your rear-view mirror can eliminate all blind spots. It is worth noting that these mirrors may take a little time to get used to, but once you have the hang of them, they’re ideally suited to this particular purpose.

Disability Stickers

While you may think it’s quite evident that your vehicle requires more room than most for access, for others, this won’t be so clear. The use of everyday and informative stickers can provide immediate insight to help the public understand what you need. Whether your vehicle is rear or side-access, the use of labels can provide valuable context and help to ensure that access is available at all time, wherever you may be.


Parking Sensors

While parking sensors are a more permanent addition than the other accessories we’ve listed, they can be invaluable when parking a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. Due to the large size and dimensions of the average WAV, having access to more precise parking can ensure that you can get where you need to safely – and more importantly, be able to manoeuvre even in busy or cramped spaces if required.

What accessories would you add to your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle to enhance its functionality? Depending on your exact requirements, there are thousands of options out there to choose from. From cosmetic additions to practical tools, there’s something for everyone.

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