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7 accessible UK attractions for all-terrain mobility scooter users

As we begin to approach summer in the UK, more and more people are starting to look for fun activities to do with their family and friends. Yet with the UK weather, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate these attractions and activities with a standard wheelchair or mobility scooter. The solution is to use a heavy duty, all-terrain mobility scooter, which some attractions even offer to hire.

We’ve put together a list of some of the UK’s best accessible attractions from all over the country, offering everything from Harry Potter to breath-taking mountain views, there’s something for everyone.

1 – Warner Bros Studio Tour, Hertfordshire

The Harry Potter book series and film franchise are extremely popular, enjoyed all around the globe. Fans cherish the memories of their beloved characters and often re-watch the films. So, what could be better than a tour around the very studios where the films were created?

Warner Bros Studio tour gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in to
the world of Harry Potter… If you’re a top fan, this is the tour for you!

If you and your family are fans of the films, then you will love getting the chance to roam around the many recognisable sets. From the Hogwarts dining hall to the Weasley’s house, there’s plenty to see and do! The studios are completely accessible with a heavy duty, all-terrain mobility scooter friendly route, as well as free tickets for carers!

2 – Baggy Point, Devon

Baggy Point is a beautiful seaside walk, recently designated as a Site of Special Interest. There’s plenty for wildlife and nature lovers to see, with some of the UK’s rarest seabirds, excellent coastal views and even a chance to spot seals! The route is completely paved but there are some hills meaning that the majority of the path may require the use of a heavy duty, all-terrain mobility scooter.

3 – London Zoo, London

London Zoo is one of the best wildlife parks in the country, with over 673 different species and 19,289 individual animals. Each different species of animal has its own carefully tailored enclosure, providing the perfect environment for the animal’s needs, while also balancing privacy and giving visitors the chance to see them.

Almost all the park is suitable for all-terrain mobility scooters and staff are also trained to support guests with any additional needs, giving you even more peace of mind. The zoo is easily accessible by bus, car or train. It can get busy during school holidays, so keep that in mind when planning your visit.

4 – Lake District, Cumbria

The Lake District offers some of the most beautiful natural areas in the country, but not many people know that it is surprisingly accessible. Thanks to the Local Authority’s ‘Miles without Stiles’ scheme, over 48 routes are now accessible to those with all-terrain mobility scooters. These routes consist of easily-navigated paths, passing places and extra wide paths. They are also regularly maintained, meaning that they are accessible all year round.

The Lake District has some great accessible routes thanks to the 'Miles Without Stiles' scheme
The Lake District has some great accessible routes thanks to the
‘Miles Without Stiles’ scheme

Some of the routes included in the scheme include: Scout Scar, the western shore of Windermere, Pooley Bridge to Gale Bay and the Keswick railway path. Do keep in mind that the bad weather can have an adverse effect on the paths, so check the Lake District National Park authority ‘Miles without Stiles’ website before your visit.

5 – Nostell Priory, West Yorkshire

Nostell Priory was opened by Robert Adam in 1743 to house his collection of exotic animals from all over the globe, including lions, monkeys and parrots. While the animals may have relocated, there’s still lots to see with some gorgeous architecture and fantastic gardens, as well as a serene feature lake.

The pathways are suitable in all weathers and loop around the entire estate, with several different walks on offer. There’s also a café for a treat after! Check the National Trust website for more information.

6 – Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

The Cairngorms is one of Scotland’s more wild and rugged national parks, featuring winding rivers, miles of forest, and huge mountains. Yet it also offers several accessible routes perfect for those with heavy duty, all-terrain mobility scooters.

The routes roam all around the park, giving some spectacular views of some of the UK’s last remaining wild country. There are also accessible routes to sandy beaches perfect for relaxing, as well as a funicular railway leading to the ski centre in the mountains that’s open all year round. There’s plenty to see and do!

7 – Pembrokeshire, Wales

If the seaside is more your cup of tea, look no further than the Pembrokeshire coast! Thanks to the local council’s ‘walks for all’ scheme, there are plenty of accessible routes all over the county, offering some spectacular seaside views.

Most of the routes have been paved and feature easy gradients, but some retain their natural pathways and can be a bit tricky to navigate in a standard mobility scooter. There’s also plenty on offer for those with a taste for adventure, with some clifftop paths. Check out the Pembrokeshire Coast website for a more detailed list of the walks on offer.

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